Heidi and Judson and their family came in from Salt Lake City.
they had a blended family he had two children, she had one and together they had one on the way.

They rented a home on the beach in Newport. And with their family and friends in tow we did the ceremony with toes in the sand

They wanted a ceremony that would join their family together as well as the two of them.
so instead of the rings they exchanged bracelets.

as a gift to the family I surprised them with a free sand ceremony. I come from a blended family is well and I know how important it is to let each one of them know how important they are.

so after they exchange the bracelets and blended the sand I have them stand in the circle holding each other’s hands. I told them first to put the right foot in and then pull the right foot out and they pretty much got it from there. We did the hokey pokey and we turned ourselves around because that’s what it’s all about.

I had them make a fun silly face for the picture.

We did the hokey pokey during the ceremony.