My day today was filled with wonder and happiness. My three big weddings crisscrossed across Orange County and Riverside County. 

The first one was at Coyote Hills Golf Club in Fullerton.  A wonderful and shy couple we're surrounded by beautiful flowers and music from a quartet.

The second was down on Little Corona Del Mar beach. The tide was going out in the rocky shore was appearing. I did a wonderful loving ceremony celebrating their believes in God and each other.

The third one was a Green River Golf Club in Corona. I did a wonderful custom written ceremony for them. During the ceremony it was interrupted by two different trains passing by. I incorporated them into the ceremony so everything would stay on track. Chuckle chuckle .

On either side of the three appointments I had to marriage license appointments. It was a wonderful and full day. I love days like this. 


Three different couples… three different ceremonies…all ending with a wonderful kiss.