I know this is an unusual title for a wedding blog but the following is actually what transpired at my wedding at 9 AM this morning.

 Josh and Candace emailed me last night while I was at a concert wanting to get married this morning on the beach. They wanted me to issue them the marriage license then walk onto Venice Beach and tie the knot.

We took care of all the paper work online so I could deliver it to them in the morning.

When I met them at the beach the only place for us to find the document was a picnic table next to a group of homeless travelers.

After we finished the paperwork and started walking toward the beach one of them asked if he could watch the ceremony. They agreed and we walked for the waters edge. I dug a heart into the sand for them to stand in.

It was such a loving ceremony and they were so in love with one another they shined on the beach.

When it was time for the rings to be exchanged they pulled out some twine that her daughters had fashioned the night before. They exchange the rings or should I say the twine and they closed off the ceremony with a wonderful long passionate kiss.

The homeless man tossed his skateboard onto the sand and asked to jump over it like a broom.

Her son was an avid skateboard fan so it was really cute that they got to be able to do this. I improved the following  “from this day on may you always be on a roll, may you never get bored with one another and may you skate off into the sunset”. Then they jumped over the skateboard to begin their happy life together.

I can’t make this stuff up. This is the real life of Alan Katz the professional winning officiant.

The Beach, the Bum, the Skateboard and the Twine Rings.