Tana and Lynn came out from Colorado to get married on our Southern California beaches. From the moment we started chatting with them I knew that this was a wedding that I was going to love. Their personalities were so fantastic and they were so in love with one another.

I recommended one of my favorite beaches little Corona Del Mar.  We found a perfect little spot and surrounded by their family we began the ceremony with their toes in the sand inside the heart that I drew.

They prepared their own vows for each other and in one of their vows she said that her partner was a ray of sunshine. So knowing that this couple was very playful and their family so wonderful I had everybody saying “You are my Sunshine” during the ceremony. They loved it!

They brought their own bottle for the sand ceremony and we have everybody there scoop some sand from the beach and saw the bottom of the bottle and then they blended the colored sand on top of it.

The ceremony ended with a wonderful kiss and hugs from their family.

They are big fans of Egyptology and behind them the rock looks like the Sphinx so they were very happy.

Sand Ceremony on the beach for 2 Ladies from Colorado.