rogerbeachRoger married wonderful couple this last Friday down in Newport Beach.  This couple, Lance and Jessica, flew out from Arizona and wanted to have an intimate wedding for two on the beach of little Corona Del Mar.  It was just Lance & Jessica, Roger and the most wonderful photographer Michelle who usually does the photos when Roger has a wedding on the beach there.  So we all were to meet up by the parking area and then walk down to the sand together.  It was a beautiful blue sky day, not too hot, not too cold, not many people, everything was perfect !  The only dilemma on this beach is that in order to get over to the area where couples usually marry, you have to hop over a small creek that feeds out to the ocean.  Not a problem, Roger has jumped it dozens of times.  So the four of us come to the stream, the couple jump over no problem, Michelle the photographer makes it over too.  Now it’s Roger’s turn, with wedding book in hand, wearing his robe…he leaps……just as an incoming wave rushes up and washes out the sand that he is leaping from !!  He barely makes the jump and starts to fall backwards into the stream !!  Fortunately there was a random bush growing there and he was able grab ahold and save himself, his robe and most importantly the wedding ceremony book !!  Fast thinking kept Roger from taking a pre-wedding swim that day !! Roger went on to officiate a wonderful ceremony and the two of them loved it !!

Maybe A Nice Swim Before The Ceremony…….