Roger married wonderful couple Joel & Tatiana this last weekend.  The plan was for them to get married on the sand in Ventura.  They had chosen a beach spot for their wedding next to the Cliff House Inn where they were having their reception.  Everything was turning out perfect.  All there guests were on time, the weather was now sunny and warm….. a perfect day for a wedding….. except for one thing….all the storms we have been having the last couple of weeks virtually washed away any of the beach areas next to the Cliff House Inn.  There was no way to have their beach wedding like they so hoped for….. So Roger and the groom did a little reconnaissance and found a small beach access point….. but in order to use the pathway to the beach, we needed to get permission from a sweet older couple that lived there. So that is indeed what we did !  This grandma who was washing down her porch listened to our story and immediately said yes ! “get your wedding party over here so this couple can have their beach wedding" !! And this is exactly what we did! The husband even helped organize parking down by their home!!  The wedding went off without a hitch all because of two loving, complete strangers that came to the rescue. It was a great wedding and a great day!!im4im1im2im3

Ingenuity And Two Complete Strangers Save the Ceremony !