Scott and Heather 3Great Officiant Greg had the true pleasure of marrying Scott and Heather Chard at the Annenberg House on July 16, 2016.  What a great location for a beach wedding!  The Annenberg Community Beach House at Santa Monica State Beach is a public beach facility built on the location of a now-demolished 110-room mansion that was built for Marion Davies by William Randolph Hearst.  The “guest house” is restored and certainly could qualify as a mansion on its own!

Scott, his groomsmen and of course Scott II looked so handsome in their gray Tuxedos!  Heather’s personal taste dictated an eclectic mix of the modern and old-school traditional.  Her dress was just beautiful!  The bridesmaids were gorgeous, and little Bella was so cute and beautiful as well with all her jewelry and a little bouquet of her own.

My Favorite Ceremony, customized by Great Officiant Greg for Scott and Heather, included the “Blending of the Sands” was very VERY special since it included Scott II and Bella.  A special reading by Kathy made the ceremony one to remember!  All of their friends, family and relatives really enjoyed the marriage of Scott and Heather!

The reception was held at the Annenberg House banquet room, which was so convenient for everyone.  A special mention must be made to Greg’s wife, Great Officiant Beth and owner of Lei of Love, who supplied all the flowers for the ceremony, the archway flowers and the very special centerpieces.  Each one was a unique design, in a different style container.  Heather’s eclectic design flair was reflected in her special “antique” bouquet and these unique centerpieces!  Her vision was perfectly executed by Beth, and Heather was thrilled!  Lei of Love is the preferred florist for Great Officiants.

All my thanks to the staff at the Annenberg House for their help and assistance.  Also the staff of SoCal Beach Wedding (A division of Great Officiants) for the set-up of the chairs and archway.

All of us at Great Officiants wish Scott, Heather and their children much love and happiness as a family.Scott and Heather 1 Scott and Heather 2

Great Officiant Greg has a beautiful beach wedding in Santa Monica!