One of my favorite spots in Malibu is El Matador State Beach. it’s not the easiest beach to get to but it’s worth the climb.

Just a few miles past Zuma Beach there’s a small parking lot. If you’re lucky enough to get a spot on the first time around consider yourself lucky. Otherwise you can park up on Coast Highway.

 You start on the trail at the end of the parking lot and make your way down to the first set of stairs. Make sure that you are wearing footwear as there’s lots of rocks along the way. Once you go down the first set of stairs there’s a path that’s rather flat that will take you to the second set of stairs and those will take you down to the beach.

It’s very important when you go to the beach to check out the tide charts first. If it is a high tide there will be no beach at all so plan to be tide during the low tide or at least mean tide.

There are lots of beautiful rocks jutting up out of the water. The big rock we call The Bull (that’s why it’s called El Matador) is my favorite place to do Ceremonies.

I draw a heart in the sand and have them step inside with their family surrounding them.

 Today Ken and Angela flew in from Chicago with their family to get married on the beach. They have never been to California before and they loved this spot.
In the ceremony they each read their own vows to each other and with their children did a sand blending ceremony. I closed the ceremony with them and the kids giving each other a big hug and doing the hokey pokey. Everybody left. They loved it and the kids loved it.

If you’re looking for a great place to do a beach wedding and you just have a few people this is a great option.

El Matador Beach Wedding in Malibu.