suvin beach wedding1It was a warm April evening. Near Broadway and PCH is an intimate location in Sunset Beach perfect for walk on ceremonies. Darren and Emma, surrounded by close family, decided to tie the knot. They exchanged vows, said i do, and exchanged rings in a very heartfelt ceremony.

They incorporated a family sand ceremony, joining their three children together with them in this beautiful custom. I used some sand from the beach as the base, then the children were the first to pour their respective colors into the jar. Finally, Darren and Emma poured their colors. The sand ceremony is a beautiful way to allow children to feel involved. After the ceremony, the jar with the blended sand can be placed on the mantle, and everyone will always remember and say “hey, that’s my color, that’s my contribution to the family!”

After the sand ceremony, a few more words were spoken. Then, the apex of the ceremony, the kiss!

And they all lived happily every after.

Photography Credit: Molly Ann, Luminaire Images Photographysuvin beach wedding2

A Beautiful Evening For A Beach Wedding At Sunset Beach