Andrius & Vigita – from Lithuania – drove in from Las Vegas to be married on the beach in California.
Victoria Beach in Laguna to be specific.
An awesome elopement with on the couple, myself and the photog.
High tide was at 4:45 and we planned to start at 5:00. OOPS
The three of us took a couple of big wave hits. Well above the rolled up suit pants line!!!
The three of us stood sunk ankle deep into the sand.
I am sure they will have fun sharing this story!
The are a lovely couple. Damp, but lovely!
Vigitia Andruis AVY 20141002

Friday October 3, 2014: I was invited to be the officiant for Stacey and Joshua's wedding.
Their ceremony was at the Twin Oaks Garden Estate in San Marcos. This is an amazing venue!
A historic school house, and an almost magic garden like atmosphere.

Stacey and Josh were both excited but calm, ready to become husband and wife.
Until, Joshua came down the isle escorting his mother to her seat. After a big hug and kiss on the cheek,
he began to look a bit like a school boy giving his first book report! He could not stand still!

When Stacey came into view, he stopped figgiting and just watched, big tears and smile.
The smiled, the giggled, they chatted a little between themselves. They were completely there with each other, focused, and quite obviously, having the time of their lives. It was an honor to be a part of it.Stacey Joash AVY 20141003

Anthony had a two part wedding weekend