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Michele and Bob had a Casual and Fun Wedding at the Charthouse in Redondo Beach, by Suvin

Michele and Bob have a wonderful love story and celebrated this at the Charthouse in Redondo Beach. They wanted to share this with their guests, so they elected to have the Greatest Package. With this upgraded package, I wrote custom vows and sprinkled tid bits of their relationship into the ceremony by a relationship questionnaire they filled out. They met 37 years ago, crossed paths many times throughout the years, and finally re met through the magic of Facebook! They were such a fun couple, they wanted a casual beach feel with lots of humor. Surrounded by family, friends, and the amazing view of the ocean, they exchanged vows, laughed together, cried together, gave each other that magic kiss, and may they live happily ever after…

Tik and Mia Sealed the Deal at Averill Park Gazebo by Suvin

Tik and Mia are such a wonderful couple. They just gave birth to a beautiful child, and wanted to be legally married. They drove down from West Covina and enjoyed the cool breeze at the gorgeous Averill Park Gazebo while surrounded by their close family and friends. I even learned some Chinese to start the ceremony: Dajia Hao (Hello everyone!)

We assisted them by having one of our notaries Shari issue the marriage license, and Suvin provided a beautiful ceremony.

Mia was so happy after the ceremony, she wanted to take a selfie with me.20160710_154451

Sunset Beach at Sunset, performed by Suvin of Great Officiants

20160624_182000Greg and Radeyah are an awesome couple. They decided to get married toes in the sand at Sunset Beach by Suvin of Great Officiants.

This is a beautiful location, fairly secluded, with a picturesque view. Beth of Lei of Love provided a floral arrangement that I placed on the ground lining the aisle.

At the start of the ceremony, the flower girl was so nervous, she refused to walk down the aisle! Finally, she gained the courage to walk the path. I added into the ceremony by saying, sometimes you are frightening to go forward, to cross that threshold into a new beginning. But with both of you, holding each others hands, looking into each other’s eyes, you know you have each other for support and comfort, all you need to do is take that first step, and that is what we are celebrating here today.

And what a celebration it was, congrats you two!20160624_180424

Another Modern Hindu Ceremony at the Charthouse in Redondo

20160604_164226Joey and Kristen have been dreaming of this day for months now! Hailing all the way from Indiana, they came out here to Southern California to have their perfect wedding on the beach. Although overcast, we were still optimistic on performing the Hindu Fusion ceremony. The ceremony was complete with the major Hindu traditions such as the Vivah Homa/Mangal Fera (fire blessing/circling the fire), garland exchange (beautifully provided by Beth of Lei of Love), and parental blessing. There were some Bible readings to honor Kristen’s religion and culture, which capped off a beautiful ceremony.

During the vows, the sun shone through the clouds, as their love will shine through their lives forever.

They were married in front of 40 of their close family and friends, afterwards we took a group photo20160604_164009

After the ceremony, they went to the Sunset room at the Charthouse in Redondo beach and lived happily ever after.20160604_164110

Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water in Seal Beach


The weekend was cloudy, the May Gray was in full effect. The day of the ceremony, the clouds cleared, and the sun was shining, only to be clouded by the smoke of the fire at the end of the Seal Beach Pier. By the time of the ceremony, the haze was gone, and there was a cool breeze through the air.

Firefighters work to put out a fire at the end of the Seal Beach Pier on Friday morning.  The fire damaged the pier and destroyed the former site of Ruby's restaurant which closed in 2013.  ///ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Slug:, Day: Friday, May 20, 2016 (5/20/16), Time: 7:33:15 AM, Location:  Seal Beach, California - Seal Beach Pier Fire - JEFF GRITCHEN, STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER

Alexa and William were so in love, that the fire and passion in their hearts burned brighter than that fire, and they continued on with a beautiful walk on ceremony in Seal Beach.

I convinced them to get married not only toes in the sand, but toes in the water. We stood at the edge of the waves. With the water softly kissing our ankles, I performed a beautiful ceremony for the couple and their two guests.

They incorporated a sand ceremony, which turned out amazing. I had placed some sand from the beach to immortalize that moment, that spot, forever.

I told them, if the clouds or smoke of trouble hides the sun in their lives, they can always remember it’s still there. As long as they have that burning fire of passion in their heart, they lives will be filled with joy.20160520_161135

A Beautiful Evening For A Beach Wedding At Sunset Beach

suvin beach wedding1It was a warm April evening. Near Broadway and PCH is an intimate location in Sunset Beach perfect for walk on ceremonies. Darren and Emma, surrounded by close family, decided to tie the knot. They exchanged vows, said i do, and exchanged rings in a very heartfelt ceremony.

They incorporated a family sand ceremony, joining their three children together with them in this beautiful custom. I used some sand from the beach as the base, then the children were the first to pour their respective colors into the jar. Finally, Darren and Emma poured their colors. The sand ceremony is a beautiful way to allow children to feel involved. After the ceremony, the jar with the blended sand can be placed on the mantle, and everyone will always remember and say “hey, that’s my color, that’s my contribution to the family!”

After the sand ceremony, a few more words were spoken. Then, the apex of the ceremony, the kiss!

And they all lived happily every after.

Photography Credit: Molly Ann, Luminaire Images Photographysuvin beach wedding2

An Intimate Walk on Wedding Ceremony at Little Corona Del Mar Beach in Newport Beach

20151115_155525Suvin performed a beautiful walk on ceremony on Little Corona del Mar Beach in Newport Beach. The sun was shining, a cool breeze and love was in the air. The happy couple arrived with their children. Little Corona Beach is the perfect spot for an intimate walk on ceremony, private and beautiful. Complete with a heart in the sand, it was a perfect ceremony on the beach. Congrats!20151115_155509 20151115_160025 20151115_160104