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A Sunset Beach Wedding in Long Beach

Officiant Beth had the honor of marrying Joaquin and Renee Mesa  on Friday March 27, 2015 with a sunset beach wedding in Long Beach, California.

The weather was picture-perfect; warm and not too windy. It's always windy at the beach, but it was unusually calm. The spot is perfect for beach weddings as it has a beautiful view of downtown Long Beach and the Palos Verdes peninsula.  Except for a few remaining winter sand berms, the spot is perfect.

Renee looked very beautiful in her wedding dress.  Her crystal and pearl sandals were perfect for a beach wedding. Joaquin’s tuxedo was sharp and formal, and he looked extremely handsome.

The ceremony, customized by Officiant Beth, was performed in a semi-formal Hawaiian-Style including the blowing of the Conch shell, the receiving of Leis (supplied by Beth) the hand Lei ceremony and the "blending of the sands".  The ceremony was true to Hawaiian custom, but was warm, loving, and a little funny. Maritza, Joaquin’s sister, worked with Beth to plan the custom ceremony while Joaquin was deployed. Joaquin and Renee, as well as their family and friends really enjoyed the wedding.

All of us at Great Officiants congratulates Joaquin and Renee and wish them much love and happiness in their future together.IMG95708720150327_18544220150327_185452

A Beautiful California Sunset Beach wedding

Roger married an wonderful couple Jason & Christi from Michigan who were out vacationing in Newport Beach with their three children.  They had planned this holiday vacation a while ago and decided to make the trip really special and get married on the beach at sunset in Corona Del Mar!   It was only going to be the five of them at the ceremony plus the officiant and the photographer.  So a very small and intimate wedding……one of Roger’s favorites!!!  And we couldn’t have asked for anything better!  The weather was perfect, the timing was great and an added plus, the photographer was one of Great Officiants and Roger’s favorites, Michelle Lacson of Michelle Lacson Photography.  "When I saw her there, I knew we were in good hands”!  

A wonderful wedding for a great family!




Rev. George has a sunset wedding at El Matador State Beach in Malibu

Robert and Lluvia got married at El Matador State Beach in Malibu California at Sunset. It was low tide so we had plenty of spots to pick from. The bride wore blue and part way down the trail opted for sandals instead of high heels. Robert went back up the hill to get them. Lluvia’s mom and uncle were there along with her cousin. The bride was beautiful and the groom was handsome it was obvious they were in love. El Matador is below the bluffs so we had a hike down to the beach.  We were careful going slowly and watching our footing on the way down. The views of the beach and the ocean were spectacular, only to be outdone by the bride and the groom. Parking is at a premium and I met the groom at the parking kiosk. I knew it was him by the black shoes, black pants, and white shirt, not your normal beach attire. I said are you Robert he said yes and I said I am Rev George. It was a great time and everyone was relaxed and when I said you may now kiss your bride, well Robert took me seriously.REVGEORGEBLOG2


From Gardens to a Breezy Pier, Great Officiant Roger Officiates Beautiful Weddings at Any Location!

Without A Doubt, One of the Best Weddings and Wedding Locations Roger Has Done!!

Lisa and Brittany_1Roger just knew that this wedding and wedding couple were something special… Even from the first time he met them. Lisa & Brittany are an adorable couple from Florida who really wanted to make the ceremony one of a kind.  

These two fought many obstacles on their way to getting married and they wanted this ceremony to be a celebration!!  So, Roger pulled out all the stops!  It turned out to be one of Roger’s favorite weddings and not to mention how amazing the Hartley Botanical Gardens are.  Check out how beautiful the gardens are!

Lisa nd Brit Collage

Lisa and Brit_8

4,000 People Attend Roger’s Wedding!!!

Tony and Jessica_1

Roger just had the largest wedding guest list in his history of officiating weddings!!!  Well over 4,000 people were in attendance for Tony & Jessica’s wedding!!!  This couple came out from Miami Florida to get married on the Santa Monica Pier…… just  the two of them…… and over 4,000 new best friends attending !!!  Needless to say with a beautiful couple walking down the pier in full wedding dress and suit with Roger and the photographers and videographers in tow, they got a lot of attention!!!!  Everybody on the pier knew they were in love and getting married….and Roger got to be part of it!! Needless to say, it was one of a kind wedding right there on the pier at sunset!  Then they had their first dance with music supplied by one of the local musicians on the pier !!  And the couple were very happy too!  Here is their video thanking Roger and Great Officiants!!

Great Officiant Anthony did a 2fer in the OC this weekend

20140322 MIchelle & MichaelSo, Saturday Anthony was honored to be Officiant of record for both of these fine, small weddings!

First, Michelle and Michael (Mike) in Newport Beach. What was supposed to be a 10 +/- guest event turned into 40+!! Moved from Laguna to Newport 2X!! Finally landing on the beach just off the boardwalk, we stormed the beach and formed a big semi-circle. Opened with a prayer from Michell’s father. Included a sand pouring with the Michell’s children, Andrew, Casandra and Chrissy joining in.

Then, down to Oceanside!!

20140322 Erika Ashley AVYAnother on the beach ceremony with Erika and Ashley – and their one friend/witness Noah!

Timed it so kiss happened as the sun touched the water. (watched for the green flash but no one saw it) This was a short, basic ceremony but the energy, emotion from these two ladies was amazing!

Staying in small bungalow right on the edge of the beach, rocks, they had an a amazing view of the rest of the sunset while enjoying their first married toast! (It got cold quick and windy – got back to room fast after the kiss!)

Sunset Wedding in Malibu for Joshua and Nicoletta

Joshua and Nicoletta


This was one of the most beautiful ceremonies that I have performed.  We were right on the beach in Malibu with 150 guests and many people who were going about their day stopped and watched with delight.  The couple had four pairs of friends come up to do readings that were special to them, and I got to tell their fascinating love story that had everyone in tears and laughter at the same time.  Then at the end, after I pronounced them husband and wife, all 150 guests and I walked down to the edge of the water where we threw sea shells back into the ocean with our well-wishes to the couple.


A beautiful day for a couple so in love.

A perfect beach wedding at sunset in Laguna Beach

Craig and Janet chose to have their wedding ceremony in Laguna beach at the base of 1000 steps beach. The ceremony took place at Sunset and it could not have been a more beautiful day. With a slight breeze blowing through the palm trees above and the waves crashing along the beach. It made for the perfect setting for celebration of love.
With their dog other side and their friends surrounding them they share their vows and love for one another.



Seal Beach Sunset Wedding


On the sand in Seal Beach, California with the Pacific Ocean as a back drop Joseph and Lupe exchanged vows, with the sun setting in the background.

The bride prior to the wedding had collected Driftwood and seashells and  crafted a exquisite cross to for the wedding.

That morning and early afternoon it was extremely overcast and sprinkled.  Needless to say we were concerned about the weather, but an hour before the wedding the sun broke through and we ended up with a beautiful sunset.

We believe the experience was custom-made for this lovely couple.

Congratulations Lupe and Joseph!