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It was a typical gorgeous day at Palasides Park that was made even more beautiful by the love that was reaffirmed in the vow renewal for Charles (Kat) and Wanda Edgerton

It was a typical gorgeous day at Palasides Park that was made even more beautiful by the love that was reaffirmed in the vow renewal for Charles (Kat) and Wanda Edgerton. After 50 years of marriage they renewed their vows in front of their children and grandchildren in an all-white affair. The love and affection this family has for each other was so infectious that it captured the attention of passers-by who became impromptu wedding guests. Congratulations Kat and Wanda. May your next 50 years together be even more blessed and amazing.

Roger performed a beautiful wedding at the always wonderful Palisade Park in Santa Monica

Some couples will exchange gifts during the ceremony and some couples will read their worlds of love to one another……..  This last Saturday Roger got to witness a very special gift that was given to the groom Alfredo from his bride Julianne…..and Roger got to be part of it.  The wedding was held at the always wonderful Palisades Park in Santa Monica.  Just a small intimate wedding of 25 people including Julianne’s two children.  Plus Julianne is pregnant with their first child together.  And neither of them know the gender of the baby…. At least that is what Alfredo thought…..  So just before Roger announces them husband and wife…. he mentions that Julianne has a gift for him…….. What could it be???  She hands him a small box……. And in that box was a very, teeny tiny pair of PINK cowboy boots !!  Alfredo was now a father to a little girl….for a total of three girls now !  It was a wonderful surprise and a doozy of a gift !!

Great Officiant Greg has a beautiful beach wedding in Santa Monica!

Scott and Heather 3Great Officiant Greg had the true pleasure of marrying Scott and Heather Chard at the Annenberg House on July 16, 2016.  What a great location for a beach wedding!  The Annenberg Community Beach House at Santa Monica State Beach is a public beach facility built on the location of a now-demolished 110-room mansion that was built for Marion Davies by William Randolph Hearst.  The “guest house” is restored and certainly could qualify as a mansion on its own!

Scott, his groomsmen and of course Scott II looked so handsome in their gray Tuxedos!  Heather’s personal taste dictated an eclectic mix of the modern and old-school traditional.  Her dress was just beautiful!  The bridesmaids were gorgeous, and little Bella was so cute and beautiful as well with all her jewelry and a little bouquet of her own.

My Favorite Ceremony, customized by Great Officiant Greg for Scott and Heather, included the “Blending of the Sands” was very VERY special since it included Scott II and Bella.  A special reading by Kathy made the ceremony one to remember!  All of their friends, family and relatives really enjoyed the marriage of Scott and Heather!

The reception was held at the Annenberg House banquet room, which was so convenient for everyone.  A special mention must be made to Greg’s wife, Great Officiant Beth and owner of Lei of Love, who supplied all the flowers for the ceremony, the archway flowers and the very special centerpieces.  Each one was a unique design, in a different style container.  Heather’s eclectic design flair was reflected in her special “antique” bouquet and these unique centerpieces!  Her vision was perfectly executed by Beth, and Heather was thrilled!  Lei of Love is the preferred florist for Great Officiants.

All my thanks to the staff at the Annenberg House for their help and assistance.  Also the staff of SoCal Beach Wedding (A division of Great Officiants) for the set-up of the chairs and archway.

All of us at Great Officiants wish Scott, Heather and their children much love and happiness as a family.Scott and Heather 1 Scott and Heather 2

A Wonderful Intimate Beach Wedding

rogerzulmiraRoger married Alan & Zulmira this last weekend.  They flew out from Virginia to get married on the sunny beaches of So Cal in Santa Monica….  It was going to be a small, intimate wedding of maybe 10 people and they wanted Roger give them the perfect, quaint wedding.  And that is what Roger did !  This couple and their family were really special to Roger.  What a great wedding !

It was a stunningly beautiful day on the Santa Monica Beach for the March 26 wedding of a stunningly beautiful couple

IMG_4188It was a stunningly beautiful day on the Santa Monica Beach for the March 26 wedding of a stunningly beautiful couple. Great Officiants not only provided Rev Dr Gary Barmore to lead the ceremony, but set up a beautiful floral arch through which the guests could see the couple as well as all the sailboats on the bay.  Pastor Barmore overheard the groom, Nicolas Penate exclaim in wonder as his bride Magdelena Ayon was escorted across the sand to the altar by her father.  Her dress was indeed exquisite and Nic looked pretty dapper himself.  The ceremony contained drama, laughter, serious commitment, love and joy.  The photos attached are (1) the groom, his parents and Dr Barmore, and (2) the couple showing their affectionate appreciation for their officiant.IMG_4183

A beautiful Santa Monica Beach Wedding, From Oceans away

IMG_3950Justine and Mike flew all the way across the pond to have a beautiful sunny wedding at Santa Monica beach. They starting vacationing in Santa Monica a few years ago and grew so fond of California as they fell in love. They had their closet friends and family from England in attendance, and as couples strolled by and people buried each other in the sand, they sealed their love right at the water’s edge. Justine and Mike aren’t your typical Bride and Groom, they’d be the first to tell you. So when I saw Mike in a baby blue suit and converse, and Justine in a sparkling gold wedding dress and heart-shaped sunglasses, I knew they were having the wedding that they wanted, and it was perfect.IMG_3794 IMG_3797 IMG_3798 IMG_3799 IMG_3947 IMG_3948 IMG_3949 IMG_3951 IMG_3952

A Beautiful Beach Wedding in Santa Monica

IMG_3993A beautiful sunset on Santa Monica beach was the perfect setting for Ruby and Ben to exchange marriage vows. They had traveled from England for their dream nuptials, and Great Officiants matched them with a cool clergyman, Rev.Dr.Gary Barmore, who strode through the sand to the site of the ceremony.  Although the bride and groom looked like glamorous young Hollywood stars, ready for a movie shoot by the shore, actually they will return home to resume their professions as British engineers, and of course, a joyous life together.  Since the only witnesses that evening were the photographer and videographer, when Rev.Gary came to the part where he likes to ask the guests for their affirmation, he looked into the video camera and beseeched the folks back home “across the pond” to provide loving support for Ben and Ruby through the years.  Ruby, by the way, was relieved that the rings were not fumbled into the sand!

Blogs for Beach Wedding, brought to you by Beth

  1. Michael marries one of our many September Beach Wedding couples in the water at Santa Monica Beach per the Groom’s Request.  It was such a fun wedding!20140907_120304

  2. On the Bay at  69th Street and Ocean Long Beach was a serene setting for our couple from Arizona. 20140918_152319 20140918_151513

  3. Also Our Great Officiant Beth designed the flowers, officiated and set up  this beautiful  wedding with the help of her beach team!20140918_135343

  4. Hermosa Beach– Hawaiian Style brought another Happy Couple together with Beth and Chief Tama bringing the Aloha Spirt to a beautiful family wedding! 20140920_174501 20140920_165424

Officiant Woody’s Fabulous Ceremonies Pt. 1

Blog-Woody1Woody married John and Sabrina at Point Dume in Malibu. Luckily, the wedding ceremony went much smoother than the pictures!


Is that Woody with William Randolph Hearst and Marion Davies? No, it’s Angela & Michael just after they were married by Woody at the Marion Davies Guest House in Santa Monica. This gorgeous venue was built in the 1920s by William Randolph Hearst for beautiful actress Marion Davies.


Woody sometimes feels like a Traveling Minister going from ranch to ranch performing weddings. Here he is with Alma and Juan in Agoura Hills at the serene Peter Strauss Ranch. And of course, no wedding is complete without the obligatory paparazzi shot!


Woody does so many weddings at the Calamigos Ranch in Malibu, they will soon be naming a horse after him! Or so he hopes! Here he is with bride and groom, Lauren and Zachary.

From Gardens to a Breezy Pier, Great Officiant Roger Officiates Beautiful Weddings at Any Location!

Without A Doubt, One of the Best Weddings and Wedding Locations Roger Has Done!!

Lisa and Brittany_1Roger just knew that this wedding and wedding couple were something special… Even from the first time he met them. Lisa & Brittany are an adorable couple from Florida who really wanted to make the ceremony one of a kind.  

These two fought many obstacles on their way to getting married and they wanted this ceremony to be a celebration!!  So, Roger pulled out all the stops!  It turned out to be one of Roger’s favorite weddings and not to mention how amazing the Hartley Botanical Gardens are.  Check out how beautiful the gardens are!

Lisa nd Brit Collage

Lisa and Brit_8

4,000 People Attend Roger’s Wedding!!!

Tony and Jessica_1

Roger just had the largest wedding guest list in his history of officiating weddings!!!  Well over 4,000 people were in attendance for Tony & Jessica’s wedding!!!  This couple came out from Miami Florida to get married on the Santa Monica Pier…… just  the two of them…… and over 4,000 new best friends attending !!!  Needless to say with a beautiful couple walking down the pier in full wedding dress and suit with Roger and the photographers and videographers in tow, they got a lot of attention!!!!  Everybody on the pier knew they were in love and getting married….and Roger got to be part of it!! Needless to say, it was one of a kind wedding right there on the pier at sunset!  Then they had their first dance with music supplied by one of the local musicians on the pier !!  And the couple were very happy too!  Here is their video thanking Roger and Great Officiants!!