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The Germans, Their Baby, The Beach and the Bobby Pin Ring

Marco and Sandra along with their two-year-old baby were traveling through the western US on vacation. Her parents joined them on the trip as well.

They decided they wanted to get married and have their wedding ceremony on Santa Monica Beach. Their first stop was a few days before at my office in Long Beach to get their marriage license. Then today we met again at the foot of the Santa Monica pier and ventured out to one of the lifeguard towers. Since it was Monday the beach was relatively empty so we have the whole area to ourselves.

Their English wasn’t very good so I spoke slowly and they repeated 1 to 3 words at a time. When it was time for the rings they wanted their daughter to hand them to them.

She had other plans, as two year olds usually do. She wanted to keep the ring and when they took it away from her she broke down in tears.

So thinking quickly I scoured the area in front of me and noticed a bobby pin playing on the ground. I fashioned it into ring and handed it to her. She stopped crying and was so excited that she had her ring that she showed it off to everyone. We were then able to continue the ceremony. At the end her mother read something to them in German. I pronounced them a couple and they gave each other the biggest kiss.

They said Danka Schoen (thank you) and I said  Auf Wiedersehen (good bye).

From Gardens to a Breezy Pier, Great Officiant Roger Officiates Beautiful Weddings at Any Location!

Without A Doubt, One of the Best Weddings and Wedding Locations Roger Has Done!!

Lisa and Brittany_1Roger just knew that this wedding and wedding couple were something special… Even from the first time he met them. Lisa & Brittany are an adorable couple from Florida who really wanted to make the ceremony one of a kind.  

These two fought many obstacles on their way to getting married and they wanted this ceremony to be a celebration!!  So, Roger pulled out all the stops!  It turned out to be one of Roger’s favorite weddings and not to mention how amazing the Hartley Botanical Gardens are.  Check out how beautiful the gardens are!

Lisa nd Brit Collage

Lisa and Brit_8

4,000 People Attend Roger’s Wedding!!!

Tony and Jessica_1

Roger just had the largest wedding guest list in his history of officiating weddings!!!  Well over 4,000 people were in attendance for Tony & Jessica’s wedding!!!  This couple came out from Miami Florida to get married on the Santa Monica Pier…… just  the two of them…… and over 4,000 new best friends attending !!!  Needless to say with a beautiful couple walking down the pier in full wedding dress and suit with Roger and the photographers and videographers in tow, they got a lot of attention!!!!  Everybody on the pier knew they were in love and getting married….and Roger got to be part of it!! Needless to say, it was one of a kind wedding right there on the pier at sunset!  Then they had their first dance with music supplied by one of the local musicians on the pier !!  And the couple were very happy too!  Here is their video thanking Roger and Great Officiants!!

From Beach to State Park, Great Officiant Michael Thieling has Fun while Performing Weddings

Marisa & Victor

Married on the Santa Monica Beach on July 12, 2014

marisa and victor_2

Marisa and Victor were a ball to work with – they wanted to laugh and have a fun ceremony on the beach in Santa Monica surrounded by family and friends with no stress.  Although Victor was still on base as a submariner, I got to meet with Marisa and her family prior to the ceremony to learn all about them and craft the perfect ceremony. Great Officiants issued them a confidential marriage license and they were ready to go!

On the day of their ceremony, our beach team did a full setup down the street from the Santa Monica Pier.  I got to tell their love story and did a quick salute to our troops for Victor and many of their guests who were also military.

They read personal vows that they wrote to each other and closed out their ceremony with a lovely Sand Ceremony.  Marisa happens to be a twin, and we’ve already talked about me performing her sister’s wedding someday.

It was my pleasure now and will be then – all my best!


Ashley & Jacob

Married at California Citrus State Historic Park -in Riverside on July 12, 2014

Ashley and Jacob_2

Ashley and Jacob wanted a simple, straightforward ceremony surrounded by their family and friends and I loved performing it for them!  Another of our out-of-state couples, we did all of their ceremony planning via Skype so that I could make sure they got exactly what they wanted.




Chihuahua dog takes an unexpected wedding swim

This was a first for me.
I met Amy and Michael at the Santa Monica pier. We walked down to the sand and did a loving ceremony with just the 2 of them a friend taking pictures and their mini sized Chihuahua.

After the ceremony I held the dogs leash while they got their pictures takin in the surf. The dog squirms out of the collarr and runs toward the surf and gets enveloped by a wave. The groom rushes over and pulls him out from under the curl.

We and every one surrounding us were freaking out. Thankfully the dog was safe just a bit scared and soaking wet.

It was a wedding to remember.