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From Texas to California, their love spans all bounds

At last after a long time of waiting Tara and Brandy's special day arrived. These two lovely Texas Rose's came from Arlington Texas to be united in marriage.  A beautiful perfect hot and sunny day at Newport Beach CA. included family and friends from all over Ca and Texas.  The joy was overwhelming as Tara and Brandy exchanged specially prepared vows to one another. It was a pleasure for everyone, as you could see the love and joy in there hearts. Best wishes to Tara and Brandy may they live happily ever after.IMG_6030 IMG_6031

Officiant Michael’s Packed Weddings Pt 2!!!

SueAnne and Nick had a beautiful midday ceremony just up from the beach in Santa Barbara.  I got the pleasure of telling their love story to their family and friends before they tied the knot and went off to a fabulous luncheon reception.

They sent me this lovely note afterwards and we wish them all the best!

 “Thank you so much for an awesome ceremony. Everyone came up to us after and asked us if you were a lifelong friend since you delivered our story so well. Everyone was laughing and crying throughout your dialog and most people said it was the best wedding they have ever been too. Again thank you and keep up the great work. It made our wedding day that much more special.”

Michael- N & R

Who doesn’t love a surprise vow renewal?  Nathan and Rachel agreed to do one every year but this time around Rachel had no idea.  Nathan told her that I was an old softball buddy of one of their friends and that we were all going out to dinner together.  But first, their friends wanted to show them a special spot on the beach.  As Nathan and Rachel walked past me he told her that none of them knew me, I was an officiant, and it was time to renew their vows.  She was shocked and the surprise went perfectly.

Afterwards, they had this to say:

We had a blast with our officiant – Michael Thieling. He helped me do a quick 10 min vow renewal on the beach by pretending to be one of my friend’s old softball buddies that we were going to dinner with. It was quick, easy, painless, and my wife was surprised and loved it.  I would (as would my wife) use Great Officiants and more specifically Mike again anytime and highly recommend them!”

Mark and Brandon’s story was amazing, as was their ceremony at the beautiful Disney Concert Hall.  After I told their love story, the couple exchanged arras (coins), performed a sand ceremony, and of course said their vows and I Do’s.  The finale, however, might have been the most special – Mark surprised Brandon with a professional vocalist who performed Adele’s “Make You Feel My Love” – a personal concert for two.  I then had the pleasure to go to their wonderful reception at Lexington Social House for an unforgettable party!

Afterwards, they left the following review for Great Officiants:

Thank you so much gentlemen, I look forward to seeing you both again soon!


Terrence and Jessica was so fun and there were lots of laughs all around.  After I recounted their courtship story, they exchanged vows, I Do’s, rings and followed it all up with a huge Sand Ceremony that incorporated their four children.  Afterwards I proclaimed that I married Derek Jeter to Mariah Carey – they’re dead ringers. They day after their ceremony, Terrence texted me this:

 “Hello Michael, this is Terrence and Jessica.  We just wanted to thank you again for doing such a GREAT job.  Every one commented on how great you did.  It was truly an honor to have you part of our most special day.” The honor was all mine guys!

Officiant Michael is on a Wedding Roll!

Michael1- MM

Matthew and Manuela were married at a walk-on style beach wedding in Marina Del Rey.  This was a beautiful, intimate ceremony with the happy couple and their family.  After we performed their wedding under a palm tree, we went directly to the sidewalk where Matthew broke the glass and the entire family (and a few friendly onlookers) shouted Mazel Tov!

They also sent a quick thank you to Michael:

“Thank you so much! Everything was amazing and you were fantastic!!!

We all had a great time!”



Nate and Marissa found Wilshire Restaurant, in Santa Monica, to have a fantastic outdoor area to be a perfect backdrop for their light-hearted and fun ceremony.  After they exchanged vows and I Do’s, I scurried out of the way for their first kiss which their photographer captured from behind them, facing the audience and through a firepit!


Michael3- MD

Megan and Diana are a couple after my own heart – gamers!  After a lengthy first meeting over coffee where we exchanged tales of electronic victories, I had the privileged to learn all about their life as a couple: from first meeting through proposal and beyond.  Their ceremony remained true to their gamer essence. We performed an originally written Paopu Fruit Ceremony which is from the Kingdom Hearts video game series, their rings were kept in Pokémon balls and their tables were all labeled with classic games.  After their ceremony, which was held at the Mitten Building in Redlands, I retold their love story, they produced an enormous fantasy-style sword which they used to cut the cake.  Rock on ladies!


Michael4- RA

Richard and Aimee’s wedding, held at The 1909 in Topanga, was all about laughter and fun – would you expect anything else from a couple who both brought each other Gummy Bears on their first date?  We performed a beautiful Wine Box and Love Letter ceremony under their Chuppah. After I pronounced them husband and wife, Richard took his heel straight to a glass with an awesome crush and Mazel Tov!  I’m sure the rest of their reception was full of just as much energy, they had an entire candy buffet setup with delectable sugary delights!


Great Officiant Anthony did a 2fer in the OC this weekend

20140322 MIchelle & MichaelSo, Saturday Anthony was honored to be Officiant of record for both of these fine, small weddings!

First, Michelle and Michael (Mike) in Newport Beach. What was supposed to be a 10 +/- guest event turned into 40+!! Moved from Laguna to Newport 2X!! Finally landing on the beach just off the boardwalk, we stormed the beach and formed a big semi-circle. Opened with a prayer from Michell’s father. Included a sand pouring with the Michell’s children, Andrew, Casandra and Chrissy joining in.

Then, down to Oceanside!!

20140322 Erika Ashley AVYAnother on the beach ceremony with Erika and Ashley – and their one friend/witness Noah!

Timed it so kiss happened as the sun touched the water. (watched for the green flash but no one saw it) This was a short, basic ceremony but the energy, emotion from these two ladies was amazing!

Staying in small bungalow right on the edge of the beach, rocks, they had an a amazing view of the rest of the sunset while enjoying their first married toast! (It got cold quick and windy – got back to room fast after the kiss!)

Beautiful day on the beach in Corona Del Mar for a Same Sex wedding

Molly from Luminaire Images just sent me these images of a beach wedding I performed on the beach in Corona Del Mar.

Suzanne and Meaghan came in from out of state to get married on the beach of California. I recommended little Corona Del Mar as the surroundings were awesome. The day could not have been more perfect for a late December wedding. It was mid 70’s and a light breeze swaying the palm trees and the waves were gently crashing on the rocks during a low tide.

They were so in love and they were delighted about the weather and my ceremony. Molly and Matt skillfully captured the happiness and excitement as this couple exchanged their vows.

You can get a hold of Molly and Matt here:

Luminaire Images Photography
w: (747) 333-6166 |  m: (714) 809-1626

LUM_0965NegliaHoffman1005 NegliaHoffman1070LUM_1157  LUM_0826

It’s December 28 and it’s 72° on the beach.

Who would’ve thought that it would be 72° on December 28.
When Suzanne and Meaghan, who are from New Jersey, booked their wedding back in July of this year we were hoping for the best. It was even better they could ever have imagined.

I chose little corona Del mar beach for them and it was the perfect time of day. The tide was slow the waves were calm the scenery impeccable.


Colorado Residents Find Intimacy at California Marina – Jeromy & Rodrigo

Great Officiant Octavio sent us this blog:

photoThis ceremony was very intimate.  It took place on 69th St. in Long Beach overlooking the marina.  Jeromy & Rodrigo traveled from Colorado and each brought one member of their families for their big day.  It was very cold and windy but as soon as we started the ceremony, the skies stopped the wind and it suddenly became warm, a sign we were being looked down upon and Jeromy & Rodrigo were being blessed.

After the ceremony, while Jeromy & Rodrigo took pictures with our wonderful team member/photographer Maria, Jeromy’s mother told me many great stories about their lives and family up in Montana, where they are originally from.  What an amazing family!

Jeromy & Rodrigo, I wish you all the blessings in the World!!!!

It was a Double Rainbow Wedding, Wow!

Maria and Veronica knew there was a chance it might rain in sunny California in November. And the day after Thanksgiving it poured almost all day. Until 2 hours before their ceremony. Maria had faith just knew her dream of a beach wedding would come true. Little did she know that they would have a double rainbow. Something uncommon but would mark their marriage with double the luck forever…

IMG_3613 IMG_3691 IMG_3717 IMG_3726 IMG_3739 IMG_3748 IMG_3765 IMG_3772

If you’re interested in this beach location with the Great Officiants beach division all inclusive beach set up, the address is:

7200 E. Ocean Blvd. in Long Beach 90803

Congratulations Maria and Veronica!