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Roger had the extreme honor to marry Adam & Diserie this last Sunday at 10:00 in the morning in Seal Beach

Roger had the extreme honor to marry Adam & Diserie this last Sunday at 10:00 in the morning in Seal Beach…….  And they made it just in time.  No, they weren’t late….in fact early….. And all their guest were there on time too……..  It was just the fact that most of their guests and Adam & Diserie had run a triathlon THE DAY BEFORE !!  But you would never know it !  Both were chipper and excited to start the day !  It was a great day and a wonderful couple !

Roger performed a beautiful wedding at the always wonderful Palisade Park in Santa Monica

Some couples will exchange gifts during the ceremony and some couples will read their worlds of love to one another……..  This last Saturday Roger got to witness a very special gift that was given to the groom Alfredo from his bride Julianne…..and Roger got to be part of it.  The wedding was held at the always wonderful Palisades Park in Santa Monica.  Just a small intimate wedding of 25 people including Julianne’s two children.  Plus Julianne is pregnant with their first child together.  And neither of them know the gender of the baby…. At least that is what Alfredo thought…..  So just before Roger announces them husband and wife…. he mentions that Julianne has a gift for him…….. What could it be???  She hands him a small box……. And in that box was a very, teeny tiny pair of PINK cowboy boots !!  Alfredo was now a father to a little girl….for a total of three girls now !  It was a wonderful surprise and a doozy of a gift !!

The Lucky Ones Receive A Sign………..

roger-chris-liz4Roger had the honor of marrying Chris & Liz this last weekend on the beach of Corona Del Mar in Newport Beach.  This was not Roger’s first wedding on that particular beach.  In fact he has done over a dozen weddings on that very same beach.  But this wedding stood out over all the others……… all because of a sign…………

People always talk about “receiving a sign” when it comes to those major decisions in life.  And some people will even “stretch” a particular sign to fit their decision.  Very seldom does that “sign” absolutely, 100% give you an answer for what you were looking for……..  Well, this last Saturday, that sign happened for Chris & Liz.  First of all, Chris & Liz are deeply in love and perfect for each other.  Roger knew that about them from the first time he met them.  He knew that this was going to be a special wedding and he really wanted to make it one of a kind…..  What Roger didn’t know was that Mother Nature was already going to do that for him……..….   Chris & Liz had chosen to have a morning wedding at 9:30am this last Saturday.  Roger told them he would get there extra early to help direct everyone to the ceremony area.  When he got down to the beach, everything was all set up and ready to go.  They also had set up a table with a flower vase.  Roger then noticed there was also a single red rose sitting on the table along with a piece of dried seaweed.  Roger didn’t give it any thought and just assumed that it was decorations for the table…….  Well, a few minutes later, Chris the groom come’s up to Roger and tells him he wanted to show him something.  It turns out that Chris and his two brothers had gone down to the beach very early in that morning to set up their area and get things ready for the ceremony.  And right where they had decided to hold the ceremony, were two items floating in the beach wash……. One was a single red rose, a little worse for wear, but none the less, a red rose.  Now if that wasn’t enough of a sign, floating right next to that rose was a piece of dried seaweed…….in the shape of a heart !  There are no two items that represent love more that a red rose and a heart……and both of them were there, right where they chose to have the wedding ceremony.  Chris then asked if it would be at all possible for Roger to share this with their guests, this amazing sign……  Roger said “absolutely, everyone needs to know this” !!  Roger immediately made that his opening words for the ceremony.  It was one of the most emotional openings he has ever done and there was not a dry eye among the 50 or so guests there.  Roger, the couple Chris & Liz and their guests will always remember that the lucky ones receive a sign.roger-chris-liz1 2roger-chris-liz1 3roger-chris-liz1

This small, intimate wedding of eight suddenly became a large celebration !!

rogerzackclaraRoger married Zackery and Clara this last Saturday on the sand in Corona Del Mar beach.  They flew in from Kentucky and wanted to get married on a Southern California beach with a beautiful location and dip their toes in the sand while marrying.  But they had no idea where, so they asked Roger for help in finding a place.  Without hesitation, Roger suggested Little Corona Del Mar beach !   As many of the Great Officiant team know, this location is amazing and generally pretty quiet by the time the late afternoon rolls around, perfect for an intimate wedding.  Roger has married many a couple on this small beach without anybody else there.  Well………… this particular afternoon was a superior day for weather, blue skies, comfortable temperature, absolutely perfect for a wedding……… but also great for late afternoon sunbathing !!  So Zackery and Clara’s wedding of eight guests ended up being a larger group of uninvited guests !  Not that the additional guests were not appreciated……quite the contrary…….  When Roger pronounced them married and Zackary and Clara had their first kiss as husband and wife, the beach erupted in applause, hoots and hollers !  It was an amazing sight.  A group of people who didn’t know either Zackary & Clara celebrated this amazing act of love, their wedding ceremony !!!  Now the only problem was finding seating for the extra guests at their reception ha !

Maybe A Nice Swim Before The Ceremony…….

rogerbeachRoger married wonderful couple this last Friday down in Newport Beach.  This couple, Lance and Jessica, flew out from Arizona and wanted to have an intimate wedding for two on the beach of little Corona Del Mar.  It was just Lance & Jessica, Roger and the most wonderful photographer Michelle who usually does the photos when Roger has a wedding on the beach there.  So we all were to meet up by the parking area and then walk down to the sand together.  It was a beautiful blue sky day, not too hot, not too cold, not many people, everything was perfect !  The only dilemma on this beach is that in order to get over to the area where couples usually marry, you have to hop over a small creek that feeds out to the ocean.  Not a problem, Roger has jumped it dozens of times.  So the four of us come to the stream, the couple jump over no problem, Michelle the photographer makes it over too.  Now it’s Roger’s turn, with wedding book in hand, wearing his robe…he leaps……just as an incoming wave rushes up and washes out the sand that he is leaping from !!  He barely makes the jump and starts to fall backwards into the stream !!  Fortunately there was a random bush growing there and he was able grab ahold and save himself, his robe and most importantly the wedding ceremony book !!  Fast thinking kept Roger from taking a pre-wedding swim that day !! Roger went on to officiate a wonderful ceremony and the two of them loved it !!

A Wonderful Intimate Beach Wedding

rogerzulmiraRoger married Alan & Zulmira this last weekend.  They flew out from Virginia to get married on the sunny beaches of So Cal in Santa Monica….  It was going to be a small, intimate wedding of maybe 10 people and they wanted Roger give them the perfect, quaint wedding.  And that is what Roger did !  This couple and their family were really special to Roger.  What a great wedding !

40 Wedding Guests…..Make that 41………

blade1So Roger officiated his beach wedding this last Saturday where he teamed up with the ever amazing Suvin the beach wedding guru. Everything was set; the weather was holding up, the beach wedding layout was perfect, Roger was ready to go and all 40 guests were there…… oh yeah, make that 41…….they had an extra uninvited guest….. A lone, feisty fisherman who was NOT going to move for any “dang wedding”.  So with a little prodding and pushing, he acquiesced and moved 20 feet away out of the sight of the wedding….. sort of…..  (you can still see him in the picture)  But the wedding went off without a “snag” and Roger never “floundered”!!!blade2

A Beautiful California Sunset Beach wedding

Roger married an wonderful couple Jason & Christi from Michigan who were out vacationing in Newport Beach with their three children.  They had planned this holiday vacation a while ago and decided to make the trip really special and get married on the beach at sunset in Corona Del Mar!   It was only going to be the five of them at the ceremony plus the officiant and the photographer.  So a very small and intimate wedding……one of Roger’s favorites!!!  And we couldn’t have asked for anything better!  The weather was perfect, the timing was great and an added plus, the photographer was one of Great Officiants and Roger’s favorites, Michelle Lacson of Michelle Lacson Photography.  "When I saw her there, I knew we were in good hands”!  

A wonderful wedding for a great family!




Ingenuity And Two Complete Strangers Save the Ceremony !

Roger married wonderful couple Joel & Tatiana this last weekend.  The plan was for them to get married on the sand in Ventura.  They had chosen a beach spot for their wedding next to the Cliff House Inn where they were having their reception.  Everything was turning out perfect.  All there guests were on time, the weather was now sunny and warm….. a perfect day for a wedding….. except for one thing….all the storms we have been having the last couple of weeks virtually washed away any of the beach areas next to the Cliff House Inn.  There was no way to have their beach wedding like they so hoped for….. So Roger and the groom did a little reconnaissance and found a small beach access point….. but in order to use the pathway to the beach, we needed to get permission from a sweet older couple that lived there. So that is indeed what we did !  This grandma who was washing down her porch listened to our story and immediately said yes ! “get your wedding party over here so this couple can have their beach wedding" !! And this is exactly what we did! The husband even helped organize parking down by their home!!  The wedding went off without a hitch all because of two loving, complete strangers that came to the rescue. It was a great wedding and a great day!!im4im1im2im3

A Beautiful, Intimate Beach Wedding

Roger married Matt & Michelle last Saturday on the sand in Huntington Beach.  It was a wonderful, intimate wedding and it went off without a hitch……. And that was all due to mother nature !  As all Southern Californian’s know, we have had tons of rain this last week and Roger’s couple were flying in from Illinois and were a nervous wreck that their "California Beach Wedding” was not to be.  Well, Roger assured them that it was going to be nice weather by the weekend (fingers were crossed) and he held his word.  It was the perfect weather for a wedding !!  Everyone cried and laughed and truly enjoyed what everyone strives for with a wedding on the sand !  And the couple were over the moon happy with Roger.  Read their thank you letter.

Hey Roger,

Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for Saturday!!!  You gave us such an amazing and memorable ceremony we will never forget!!  You made my day a lot less stressful as well! :))  We couldn't have asked for a better officiant!  Next time we are in Cali we want to come to your sitcom airing!

Have a good night, Mrs. Lagacyimage2image1