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A Perfect Family


Erica & Leticia tied the knot at 72nd Pl. in Long Beach. They chose one of our beach packages and the set up is absolutely beautiful! Even though it was a rainy day in Southern California it did not stop us from having a beautiful ceremony.

The beautiful couple lives in Texas therefore we were never able to meet in person while working together to design the perfect ceremony for them. We originally had a FaceTime meeting and then after that were in constant communication over texts, emails, and phone calls. The end result was a bilingual ceremony with our sand ceremony and also a necklace and ring presentation for Leticia's son, Gabriel, symbolizing how important he is to both of them and how much they love him! Gabriel also participated in the sand ceremony so instead of having two individual containers of sand we had three, representing each of them.

I also said some words paying respect Leticia's parents who are no longer with us but were there in spirit. This was followed by a brief moment of silence in honor to them. Since they were not present Leticia decided to present Erica's parents with roses and a handkerchief representing the love and appreciation she has for them.

I customized their ceremony to represent the beautiful couple and their son to a T. It was truly a very personal and unique ceremony!

Leticia, Erica, and Gabriel I wish you all nothing but love and all the blessings in the world! Thank you for giving me the honor of officiating a beautiful ceremony for such an amazing love story!

A Beautiful Beach Backdrop Bilingual Ceremony

IMG_0616Rajah & Camilo tied the knot at The Malibu Beach Club off the PCH with a beautiful ocean backdrop. Rajah is Philippine and Camilo Hispanic so it was essential for them and for their families and friends to have a bilingual ceremony.

We worked together to design a perfect and well-balanced ceremony so that everybody could feel part of it and understand the beautiful message behind it. We incorporated the mothers rose presentation in both English and Spanish and also the butterfly release right before the pronouncement.

It was the first time I had ever done a butterfly release as usually my couples replace the butterflies with bubbles. It was absolutely beautiful and no butterflies were hurt! Instead of flying away they all flew towards the orchids that surrounded us and posed there for all to take pictures! They could clearly feel the love in the air and did not want to leave the atmosphere!

Rajah & Camilo are big fans of the famous book "The Little Prince" so they asked me to incorporate into their ceremony a reading from the book. I rehearsed it a few times before their wedding so that it would come out beautifully. To my surprise it almost brought tears to their eyes as I read the beautiful words. I was very happy with the outcome of the ceremony! And of course I absolutely adore this happy couple!

Rajah & Camilo I send you both all my love, hugs, blessings, and best wishes in the world!IMG_0634 IMG_0636 IMG_0638

A Review from the Sands of Long Beach to Octavio

1Here is a great review from a happy couple Octavio married on the sand on 69th street in Long Beach:

"Dear Alan,

We would like to express our gratification  and take a moment to praise Octavio in doing an exceptional job in performing such a heart felt beach ceremony for us in Spanish. It touched every one of us.

He definitely exceeded both our expectations in making our fairy tale wedding better than we had envisioned.  The entire wedding party fell in love with his charm and soothing energy easing our nerves and making the process so enjoyable and magnificent for all.

Gracias Octavio for an unforgettable day! Your grace will forever be in our hearts.

Mr. & Mrs. Cuevas

Photography from @sepheevisuals"2 3 4 5 6 7

A Walk on Beach Ceremony in Long Beach

IMG_0114Yolanda & Arturo's wedding took place at 69th Pl. in Long Beach. They had a pretty big bridal party So they requested that I help them with the rehearsal. We did the rehearsal a week before their wedding, practiced it a few times, and the result was beautiful and very formal!

They did not have a beach set up but still wanted it to look as formal as possible. It was Yolanda's idea to make a heart on the sand with Rose petals so that they would stand inside the heart. I did this right before we begin the ceremony. They also brought their own radio so that I could control the processional and recessional music.

We performed a Catholic light ceremony in Spanish with the traditions of the coins and Lasso.

Having done a rehearsal really helped us in making their wedding very beautiful and traditional! Even though it is an extra fee for the rehearsal if you don't have awedding planner we can really help you achieve a very beautiful formal wedding ceremony.

Yolanda and Arturo have been together for many years and it really was about time for them to tie the knot as the love they have for one another is not only obvious but extraordinarily beautiful!

Yolanda and Arturo I wish you both and your kids all the blessings in the world and my best wishes always!

Octavio has a bilingual wedding in a restaurant, and a beautiful wedding on a beach

Paulo & Flor's ceremony and reception took place at Luminarias in Monterey Park. It was a beautiful day and the weather was exceptional, not too cold and not too hot. This venue is very popular as it has two different areas were ceremonies can take place plus you can have your reception there as well. On weekends and holidays they have a brunch going on so there is wonderful smell of food in the air.

Paulo and Flor asked me to do a Catholic Lite ceremony in Spanish with the vows, I do's, and ring exchange in English. They also incorporated the mothers rose presentation.

It all came out beautifully. 

Flor and Paulo thank you for choosing me as your officiant. I'm honored to have officiated your wedding and I wish you all the blessings and love in the world!

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Damone and Angie had their wedding ceremony at El Matador Beach in Malibu. Even though the tide was high we were holdin' on and dear Blondie (sun) was shining behind us.

It was a beautiful afternoon! We incorporated the sand ceremony, lasso ritual, and coins into our Catholic Lite ceremony. Since they didn't have a setup they asked friends to hold the glass container while they poured the sand into it. This is a great way to include  loved ones into the ceremony by giving them a "part" in your ceremony.

Damone & Angie, it was an honor to be chosen to officiate your wedding!!! Thank you so much! I wish you all the blessings in the World!


What a Beautiful Bayside Beach Wedding with Great Officiant Octavio!

Juan & Aracely

Juan and Aracely

Juan & Aracely got married on 69th Place in Long Beach on the bay side. This was my second wedding at this location and frankly it’s absolutely gorgeous. You get beautiful backdrops 360 degrees. 

Our very own Beth Gates did a magnificent job in setting up all the chairs, canopy, and decorations.

Juan and Aracely are the best and looked stunning. They even insisted on me joining them at their reception, which I totally would have had I not had another wedding that night.

Juan & Aracely, thank you from the bottom of my heart! I wish you all the blessings in the World!!!

Great Officiant Octavio has a Very Busy Wedding Weekend

Octavio-231Omar & Mercedes tied the Knott at beautiful Swiss Park Banquet Center in Whittier. This is one of his favorite locations because the outdoor setting is covered by trees, blocking the sun from the couple and their families and friends. As well as being a beautiful place for the ceremony and pictures of course. This happy couple decided to use the My Favorite ceremony which Octavio translated completely to Spanish for everyone to be included. They added the Mother’s Rose Presentation.


Juan & Llesica tied the knot at 72nd Place in Long Beach. This location provides such a beautiful backdrop, not only to say your vows to your significant other, but also for wonderful pictures. They chose My Favorite ceremony and added a couple of Catholic traditions such as 1st Corinthians and a wedding prayer before the closing comments. It was a bilingual ceremony. The beauty of our ceremonies is that they can be customized to you your wishes.


Oscar & Elizabeth tied the knot at Sterling Hills Golf Club in Camarillo, CA. It was a spectacular afternoon, the sun was shining down on us and the weather couldn’t have been better. Their ceremony was catholic bilingual and they incorporated the Mother’s Rose Presentation & the lasso and coin ceremony. It all came out beautiful and they were very happy with everything.

Great Officiants Octavio and Ralph’s Beautiful Beach Ceremonies

Ralph- Angela & Tracy

Rev. Ralph presided over the nuptials of Angela & Tracy on the beach at beautiful Point Dume, on Sunday afternoon, May 18.  The bride made Ralph’s job easy: she not only provided personalized vows, but wrote the entire ceremony herself!  It was a lovely day, a lovely service, and a lovely couple!


Our Great Officiant Octavio wrote the following: Allan & Stephany got married at beautiful Hotel Laguna in Laguna Beach, CA. The ceremony took place on the beach and the crowds were cheering them on as we did the ceremony! This is one of my favorite things about officiating ceremonies in public places, everybody around joins in on the love!!!

Allan & Stephany, thank you for giving me the honor of officiating your wedding! I wish you all the blessings in the World!

A Little Lighthouse Love with Tania and Karla

Great Officiant Octavio sent us this beautiful description of his most recent wedding:

I had the pleasure of talking to Tania several times over the phone to design their ceremony and get to know each other a bit.  Tania, like every couple, was a bit nervous as their wedding date approached.  I told her she had nothing to worry about.  This applies to all of you getting married.  Nerves are something so natural when it comes to getting married.  I always say you should worry if you are not nervous.

IMG_2954This ceremony took place at the beautiful Lighthouse in Long Beach, overlooking the bay. Tania and Karla wore matching red and white outfits, very original!!!  It was cold and a little windy, but as soon as the ceremony started, the temperature warmed up with all the love in the air from the girls and their loved ones who were surrounding us.

Tania & Karla are such sweet girls!  I really enjoyed this experience and wish them all the blessings in the World!!!!