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Maybe A Nice Swim Before The Ceremony…….

rogerbeachRoger married wonderful couple this last Friday down in Newport Beach.  This couple, Lance and Jessica, flew out from Arizona and wanted to have an intimate wedding for two on the beach of little Corona Del Mar.  It was just Lance & Jessica, Roger and the most wonderful photographer Michelle who usually does the photos when Roger has a wedding on the beach there.  So we all were to meet up by the parking area and then walk down to the sand together.  It was a beautiful blue sky day, not too hot, not too cold, not many people, everything was perfect !  The only dilemma on this beach is that in order to get over to the area where couples usually marry, you have to hop over a small creek that feeds out to the ocean.  Not a problem, Roger has jumped it dozens of times.  So the four of us come to the stream, the couple jump over no problem, Michelle the photographer makes it over too.  Now it’s Roger’s turn, with wedding book in hand, wearing his robe…he leaps……just as an incoming wave rushes up and washes out the sand that he is leaping from !!  He barely makes the jump and starts to fall backwards into the stream !!  Fortunately there was a random bush growing there and he was able grab ahold and save himself, his robe and most importantly the wedding ceremony book !!  Fast thinking kept Roger from taking a pre-wedding swim that day !! Roger went on to officiate a wonderful ceremony and the two of them loved it !!

We did the hokey pokey during the ceremony.

Heidi and Judson and their family came in from Salt Lake City.
they had a blended family he had two children, she had one and together they had one on the way.

They rented a home on the beach in Newport. And with their family and friends in tow we did the ceremony with toes in the sand

They wanted a ceremony that would join their family together as well as the two of them.
so instead of the rings they exchanged bracelets.

as a gift to the family I surprised them with a free sand ceremony. I come from a blended family is well and I know how important it is to let each one of them know how important they are.

so after they exchange the bracelets and blended the sand I have them stand in the circle holding each other’s hands. I told them first to put the right foot in and then pull the right foot out and they pretty much got it from there. We did the hokey pokey and we turned ourselves around because that’s what it’s all about.

I had them make a fun silly face for the picture.

Paul and Katherine Sewing traveled from the Midwest for a ceremony of marriage renewal scheduled for Sunday afternoon December 20 at the stunning venue of “Little Corona del Mar” in Newport Beach

IMG_4146Paul and Katherine Sewing traveled from the Midwest for a ceremony of marriage renewal scheduled for Sunday afternoon December 20 at the stunning venue of “Little Corona del Mar” in Newport Beach.  Paul (only telling Katherine that it was a family photo shoot) secretly secured from Great Officiants the services of Rev.Dr.Gary Barmore, and now all the family needed to be concerned about were the bands of rain showers striking Southern California.  Not to worry.  As this photo reveals, the coast was clear of precipitation and draped with lush and warming clouds, gilded by the setting sun.  The gorgeous site and romantic ceremony were perfect for Paul’s anniversary surprise to Katherine his bride of thirty years, who couldn’t stop smiling with glowing appreciation for her life-long groom.

An Intimate Walk on Wedding Ceremony at Little Corona Del Mar Beach in Newport Beach

20151115_155525Suvin performed a beautiful walk on ceremony on Little Corona del Mar Beach in Newport Beach. The sun was shining, a cool breeze and love was in the air. The happy couple arrived with their children. Little Corona Beach is the perfect spot for an intimate walk on ceremony, private and beautiful. Complete with a heart in the sand, it was a perfect ceremony on the beach. Congrats!20151115_155509 20151115_160025 20151115_160104

At beautiful Little Corona in Newport Beach Linda and Scott said “I do.”

20151114_154604_resizedAt beautiful Little Corona in Newport Beach Linda and Scott said “I do.”  In their private ceremony on the shore, they were joined by their 4 children, who each played a role in blessing their parents union.

This was a very family centered ceremony that, while lifting up the sacred love that both Scott and Linda found in each other, focused on the merging of their two families and the joy they experience as they come together.  After Scott and Linda affirmed their desire to be faithful to one another, all four children were asked to also say their “I do’s” — to bless and commit to relationship together as a new family.

As the sun set upon the ocean, it rises in their new relationship.  The beauty of the afternoon surely reflects the beauty of their relationship.  What a blessing to stand before this committed couple as they vowed to journey with one another through life!

Frank Renews This Couple’s Vows at the Newport Dunes

Alexandra & Jeremiah J. - 06.13.15Congratulations to Alexandra & Jeremiah Jacks on their June 13, 2015 vow renewal at the Newport Dunes in Newport Beach, CA.  It was a simple but meaningful renewal of their vows originally exchanged on September 11, 2014.  The harpist added a classy touch to the already classy ceremony.  The coordinators and photographer were all “on point,” and the weather was perfect.

A Beautiful California Sunset Beach wedding

Roger married an wonderful couple Jason & Christi from Michigan who were out vacationing in Newport Beach with their three children.  They had planned this holiday vacation a while ago and decided to make the trip really special and get married on the beach at sunset in Corona Del Mar!   It was only going to be the five of them at the ceremony plus the officiant and the photographer.  So a very small and intimate wedding……one of Roger’s favorites!!!  And we couldn’t have asked for anything better!  The weather was perfect, the timing was great and an added plus, the photographer was one of Great Officiants and Roger’s favorites, Michelle Lacson of Michelle Lacson Photography.  "When I saw her there, I knew we were in good hands”!  

A wonderful wedding for a great family!




From Texas to California, their love spans all bounds

At last after a long time of waiting Tara and Brandy's special day arrived. These two lovely Texas Rose's came from Arlington Texas to be united in marriage.  A beautiful perfect hot and sunny day at Newport Beach CA. included family and friends from all over Ca and Texas.  The joy was overwhelming as Tara and Brandy exchanged specially prepared vows to one another. It was a pleasure for everyone, as you could see the love and joy in there hearts. Best wishes to Tara and Brandy may they live happily ever after.IMG_6030 IMG_6031

Great Officiant Anthony did a 2fer in the OC this weekend

20140322 MIchelle & MichaelSo, Saturday Anthony was honored to be Officiant of record for both of these fine, small weddings!

First, Michelle and Michael (Mike) in Newport Beach. What was supposed to be a 10 +/- guest event turned into 40+!! Moved from Laguna to Newport 2X!! Finally landing on the beach just off the boardwalk, we stormed the beach and formed a big semi-circle. Opened with a prayer from Michell’s father. Included a sand pouring with the Michell’s children, Andrew, Casandra and Chrissy joining in.

Then, down to Oceanside!!

20140322 Erika Ashley AVYAnother on the beach ceremony with Erika and Ashley – and their one friend/witness Noah!

Timed it so kiss happened as the sun touched the water. (watched for the green flash but no one saw it) This was a short, basic ceremony but the energy, emotion from these two ladies was amazing!

Staying in small bungalow right on the edge of the beach, rocks, they had an a amazing view of the rest of the sunset while enjoying their first married toast! (It got cold quick and windy – got back to room fast after the kiss!)