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Easter Bunny shows up at wedding at Point Dume in Malibu Beach Wedding

Joey and Gustavo wanted to get married on Easter Sunday so i dad to bring along my bunny head.

I didn’t wear it for the ceremony only for pictures after. It made for a great laugh.

They chose Point Dume in Malibu. I was all ready to walk out onto the beach when their friend pointed to the top of the cliffs and said the wedding is up there. I was not ready for that as I was ready to be barefoot on the beach. SO I put on my dress shoes and trecked up the hill.

It was worth every gasp when i got up there. The view is amazing

They decorated the area with wild flowers and draping and the grooms walked down the gauntlet of friends to the end of the path to where I was waiting.

They did a beautiful Sand Ceremony blending their lives together.

After it was all done they had a big kiss and got tons of pictures with their family and friends.

The Plane Crash and the Couple

Normally you don’t hear both of those words in the same sentence but today was a special day.

They came here from Australia with their child to get married on the beach. We met in the parking lot first were issued them their marriage license and we proceeded to walk to the beach.

While on the beach at Point Dume in Malibu as we were walking toward the beach we noticed something strange in the sand.

Plane wreckage:

This area is well known for shooting movies and apparently they were shooting a movie about a plane crash.

So after we explored a bit we went down to the waters edge by the rocks.

I performed a beautiful ceremony for them with the waves crashing in the background. During the ceremony a helicopter flew over and thankfully it didn’t crash.

During their big kiss their child jumped up to join them. It was a very sweet moment.

We love doing beach weddings!

From Nashville,Tennessee to Malibu, California

woody1Woody performed a beautiful walk on ceremony in Malibu for this wonderful couple.

They are originally from California, so they traveled all the way from Nashville to get married, toes in the sand, at Point Dume.

With the waves crashing along the rocks, and the cliff as a backdrop, the couple exchanged vows and i dos.

They had a couple’s rose exchange, a perfect first gift for their married life together.

Lana Farfan from Caught in the Moment Photography captured this beautiful moment.

(photo credit Lana Farfan, Caught in the Moment Photography)woody4woody3 woody2woody5

Catherine Arnpriester and Thiago Paes were wed Saturday afternoon, April 23, on Zuma Beach.

stephenthiagoCatherine Arnpriester and Thiago Paes were wed Saturday afternoon, April 23, on Zuma Beach. The reception followed at the Sunset Restaurant, just steps from the ceremony area.

Stephen officiated, with 100 guests in attendance.

A destination wedding (Catherine and Thiago reside in Houston), friends and family traveled from Texas and Brazil.

All the best to the happy couple!stephenthiago1

2 Great Officiants, 2 Great Couples 1 Great Beach in Malibu. 

SHARI and I booked booked a beach wedding on Point Dume in Malibu on the same day an hour apart. So we carpooled through early morning traffic and arrived at 930 am. There was almost no one at the beach and it was a perfect combo morning waves crashing against the rocks.

Shari had the first wedding at 10am. They showed up promptly dressed to the nines. She issued them their license and ventured down to the point where some dolphins and whales were cruising by in the backdrop.

Alan’s 11 o’clock couple did not show up till 1230. They had so many mishaps along the way. Their phones both died, they had car trouble and she had accidentally put your hand into some road tar that she couldn’t get off. Making it to the beach was the ultimate test for their marriage. If they could make it there with all the crazy stuff that went on to get them there and they were destined to be together. And in the end they gave each other and amazing kiss and we’re happy that they made it and endured their crazy adventure.

And they all liver happily ever after.

El Matador Beach Wedding in Malibu. 

 One of my favorite spots in Malibu is El Matador State Beach. it’s not the easiest beach to get to but it’s worth the climb.

Just a few miles past Zuma Beach there’s a small parking lot. If you’re lucky enough to get a spot on the first time around consider yourself lucky. Otherwise you can park up on Coast Highway.

 You start on the trail at the end of the parking lot and make your way down to the first set of stairs. Make sure that you are wearing footwear as there’s lots of rocks along the way. Once you go down the first set of stairs there’s a path that’s rather flat that will take you to the second set of stairs and those will take you down to the beach.

It’s very important when you go to the beach to check out the tide charts first. If it is a high tide there will be no beach at all so plan to be tide during the low tide or at least mean tide.

There are lots of beautiful rocks jutting up out of the water. The big rock we call The Bull (that’s why it’s called El Matador) is my favorite place to do Ceremonies.

I draw a heart in the sand and have them step inside with their family surrounding them.

 Today Ken and Angela flew in from Chicago with their family to get married on the beach. They have never been to California before and they loved this spot.
In the ceremony they each read their own vows to each other and with their children did a sand blending ceremony. I closed the ceremony with them and the kids giving each other a big hug and doing the hokey pokey. Everybody left. They loved it and the kids loved it.

If you’re looking for a great place to do a beach wedding and you just have a few people this is a great option.

Weddings up and down the coast from Malibu to Del Mar. 

It is a good thing that I drive a Prius. I put a lot of miles on my car going from Wedding to Wedding  this weekend I had weddings all over the place and it was a blast. From a simple beach wedding to a wedding at our new wedding chapel to the beautifully designed weddings I did it all.

Beach weddings on the beach or overlooking the water, are very special to me. And when I get an opportunity to do one that makes me very happy. When I’m surrounded by trees and laughter that makes me very happy. So being the guy who does weddings in Southern California, I’m a happy guy.

Here’s some pictures from the wedding as I did this weekend  and a couple testimonials.

 Long Beach

Leo Carrillo Beach

Calamigos Ranch

Our new chapel



Two different couples from Arizona got married on two different beaches on Father’s Day

Dreama and Richard wanted to get married on a rocky cove beach. I recommended El Matador beach in Malibu

With their children and family in tow we hiked down the path to the beautiful beach and got married at my favorite spot in front of the bull. 


Richelle and Chase rented a house in Venice Beach six blocks from the coast. I met them at the rental and then everyone walked down to the beach at the end of Washington Boulevard. We found a spot to the north of the pier right at the waters edge. With their friends around them they exchanged their vows.


We wish both couples a wonderful adventure in life and a safe trip back to Arizona.

Double rainbow, Sea Lion, Rain, Sunset and a Kiss…highlighted this beautiful wedding at Point Dume in Malibu

  Sean and Tara traveled from out of the area to get married on the beach in Malibu. I recommended Point Dume because of its picturesque qualities. Today it did not let us down. Even though it was drizzling at first it created a wonderful exciting buzz.

Just as we were setting up several playful sea lions frolicking in the water just offshore.

They stood inside of a heart that I dug into the sand and exchanged their vows. 

I incorporated a sand ceremony into the wedding as well as blowing my conch shell at the beginning.

I'm just as they kissed we looked up and a rainbow appeared and then a double rainbow. We all gasped with joy. 

Moments later we turned around to watch the beautiful sunset. It just doesn't get much better than this.       






The Fly Boy, The Russian Bride, and the Barefoot Officiant, Malibu Beach Wedding

FullSizeRenderOlesya and Anthony got married in front of the Sunset Restaurant in Malibu. In addition to performing the ceremony they also enlisted our beach division to design and set up a most beautiful arch. The arch was a four post bamboo arch covered with both white and sheer Tiffany blue drapes adorned with starfish and flowers.

20150515_121128 20150515_121139

The ceremony was a combination of a Hawaiian style ceremony, and a traditional style ceremony. At the beginning of the ceremony, the conch shell was blown, the couples said their vows and did a beautiful sand ceremony at the end. The bridesmaids were beautiful and dressed to the nines. The guests thouroughly enjoyed the ceremony, and then went off to their reception.20150515_130609 20150515_131105 20150515_131128The rain had cleared up right before the ceremony, so they had the toes in the sand expereience they wanted. With beautiful clouds in the sky, the sun shining, we congratulate this happy and beautiful couple.IMG_5038