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A Walk on Beach Ceremony in Long Beach for Rev. Gary

img_3167In a bayside ceremony led by Rev. Dr. Gary Barmore, Kristi and Amir pledged their eternal love and faithful commitment in marriage.  They composed their own vows, expressed before God and a few cherished guests.  Great Officiants suggested their minister as well as the venue — a lovely spot at the end of the Belmont Shore peninsula in Long Beach.  The few rain-drops that fell on this late October nuptial felt like the very kiss of God’s blessing.

Another beach wedding for Great Officiant Greg!

Ashley Maye and Michael 1Great Officiant Greg had the pleasure of marrying Michael and Ashley Maye Valvatne on Saturday, July 30th “on the sand” in Long Beach, California.  It was an absolutely gorgeous crystal-clear day, perfect for a beach wedding!

The event actually started on Friday with a full rehearsal “on the sand”.  With eleven bridesmaids and eleven groomsmen, the rehearsal was a must.  Everyone had great fun with the run through, which took two and a half attempts to get it right!

Ashley Maye was just stunning, beautiful and so happy!  Mike looked so handsome in his special tuxedo.  All the bridesmaids in their coral gowns were beautiful too, and the groomsmen in their tuxedos looked so handsome (and so different than the Friday rehearsal!)  Great Officiant Beth, the preferred florist for Great Officiants, had a logistics challenge with so many bouquets and boutonnieres for this very large party.  Beth also supplied the exquisite archway piece, which doubled as the sweetheart table floral arrangement at Mike and Ashley Maye’s reception at The Petroleum Club in Long Beach.

The happy couple selected “The Christian Ceremony” which was tailored for Mike and Ashley Maye.  Although a serious religious ceremony, Great Officiant Greg made it loving and fun.  The marriage was attended by a very large group of friends and family, some traveling a very long distance.  The bride, groom, their parents and many friends commented to Greg how much they enjoyed his presentation of the ceremony.

The happy couple will travel to Bora-Bora for their honeymoon!  Now that is really special!

Many thanks to Great Officiant Beth for the beautiful flowers and acting as the wedding coordinator.  And of course a big thank you to Suvin and all the staff at Great Officiants for the set-up and preparation.

Everyone at Great Officiants wish Mike and Ashley Maye much love and happiness in their future together!Ashley Maye and Michael 2 Ashley Maye and Michael 3

A beach wedding for Great Officiant Greg!

20160430_170246Great Officiant Greg had the honor of marrying Missy and Nick Giaone on the sand on April 30, 2016 in Long Beach, California.  The Catholic Light ceremony with the “blending of the sand” included their three children, which was very special!  Although the ceremony is serious, the setting was beautiful and casual, and Reverend Greg made it heartwarming and just a little funny and light.  With five colors of sand, the final container, representing their blended lives, was very colorful and a wonderful keepsake!

Nick and Missy’s friends and family, many who traveled from Arizona and Chicago, commented on how much they enjoyed the ceremony by Reverend Greg.

Many thanks to Suvin and Amber with So Cal Beach Wedding (A division of Great Officiants) for their very professional set-up, and to Beth Gates at Lei of Love who supplied the archway, bouquet, boutonnieres and wedding flowers.20160430_170614 20160430_170617

The tale of the Sake and the Broom

Darius and Yu met while he was serving in the Armed Forces in Japan. They fell in love and knew they should be together.

Living in two separate countries and trying to caring on a romance is not always the easiest thing. They knew their love was strong and that it would indure.

So finally she came out here and they decided to get married on the beach. It was just the two of them and his mother who flew out from New Jersey.

We first met at my office today where I issued them their marriage license so they didn’t have to stand in line at the County Clerk.

Then we made our way down to a beautiful beach area in Long Beach. There was hardly a soul on the beach so I knew it would be wonderful.

On the way there I thought I would surprise them and add two elements from their culture.

I went to liquor store and purchased a small bottle of sake and a couple of glasses. I also grab the broom for them to jump over at the end of the ceremony. 

It was a wonderful way to celebrate such a special day and they love the extra attention I gave them to make the ceremony a true reflection of their love story. 

Sunrise wedding on the beach in Long Beach.

John and Kris decided to get Halloween started off right by getting married. So at 7 AM I met them at their home across from Mothers Beach area of Long Beach. We took care of the paperwork and then gingerly walked across the street where I drew a heart in the sand and just the two of them and a photographer captured this moment of love. As they kissed the sun rose over Marine Stadium.

We wish them a happy marriage and a happy Halloween.

A Cool Breeze on the Beach

2015091295150812Despite recent heat, the waves at 72nd Street and Ocean in Long Beach were beautiful, with a cooling breeze. Formal dress was forbidden by Katy and David, the bride and groom, so guests from all over the world, from London to Australia, were decked out in flip flops, shorts, and Hawaiian shirts, though Katy still managed to sparkle in her simple but elegant white dress. Both were quite emotional as they repeated their own Vows.  Katy told me afterwards, “It was perfect.”

Their wedding was canceled due to the hurricane. Great Officiants saved the day. 

 Don and Shelley plan and exciting elopement to the Virgin Islands. They plan to get married with their toes in the sand. Then came the hurricane
They gave us a call and explain the situation and we jumped into action. We arranged for a photographer and a videographer to capture the moment on the beach. We show them where to get a small cake so they can celebrate that moment on the beach.

It all turned out so wonderful. They were excited and very much in love. They gave me these kind comments.


Weddings up and down the coast from Malibu to Del Mar. 

It is a good thing that I drive a Prius. I put a lot of miles on my car going from Wedding to Wedding  this weekend I had weddings all over the place and it was a blast. From a simple beach wedding to a wedding at our new wedding chapel to the beautifully designed weddings I did it all.

Beach weddings on the beach or overlooking the water, are very special to me. And when I get an opportunity to do one that makes me very happy. When I’m surrounded by trees and laughter that makes me very happy. So being the guy who does weddings in Southern California, I’m a happy guy.

Here’s some pictures from the wedding as I did this weekend  and a couple testimonials.

 Long Beach

Leo Carrillo Beach

Calamigos Ranch

Our new chapel