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A Beach Ceremony at Little Corona Del Mar in Newport Beach by Rev. Gary

img_3086If you live in Minnesota and wish to get married in the most beautiful spot on earth, you come to “Little Corona del Mar” in Newport Beach, and that’s just what Great Officiants recommended to Anna King and Greg Davis. They and their three “blended” children came to SoCal for theme-park exploration and, most importantly, their sacred vows of marriage.  Rev. Dr. Gary Barmore, also recommended by Great Officiants, brought the blessing of God upon their love and commitment to life together, in a natural cathedral of spectacular rock formations, crashing surf and blue sky.  Following the Sunday morning ceremony, they asked Pastor Barmore, as a long-time local, if it would rain on their afternoon of activities before heading back home on Monday.  He said, “no rain” —  and thereby will always be regarded by Greg and Anna as a wonderful minister but a poor prognosticator of weather, given the rainy day it became.img_3092

I had the absolute pleasure of marrying a wonderful couple: Marcus & Inna Hobson

jj1I had the absolute pleasure of marrying a wonderful couple: Marcus & Inna Hobson. They wanted to be married in one of the most beautiful & picturesque place in Southern California. I had to refer to the “Master” of Beach Weddings…Alan Katz. It was a gorgeous day at Little Corona beach in Del Mar. The Ceremony was very intimate with a photographer, Bride & Groom & Jamie Jacobs (me the Officiant)! We located a quaint little spot & had a very meaningful & Loving Ceremony…just before the tide rolled in! I know this…these two will be together forever & have some amazing memories from that day!jj2

This small, intimate wedding of eight suddenly became a large celebration !!

rogerzackclaraRoger married Zackery and Clara this last Saturday on the sand in Corona Del Mar beach.  They flew in from Kentucky and wanted to get married on a Southern California beach with a beautiful location and dip their toes in the sand while marrying.  But they had no idea where, so they asked Roger for help in finding a place.  Without hesitation, Roger suggested Little Corona Del Mar beach !   As many of the Great Officiant team know, this location is amazing and generally pretty quiet by the time the late afternoon rolls around, perfect for an intimate wedding.  Roger has married many a couple on this small beach without anybody else there.  Well………… this particular afternoon was a superior day for weather, blue skies, comfortable temperature, absolutely perfect for a wedding……… but also great for late afternoon sunbathing !!  So Zackery and Clara’s wedding of eight guests ended up being a larger group of uninvited guests !  Not that the additional guests were not appreciated……quite the contrary…….  When Roger pronounced them married and Zackary and Clara had their first kiss as husband and wife, the beach erupted in applause, hoots and hollers !  It was an amazing sight.  A group of people who didn’t know either Zackary & Clara celebrated this amazing act of love, their wedding ceremony !!!  Now the only problem was finding seating for the extra guests at their reception ha !

Maybe A Nice Swim Before The Ceremony…….

rogerbeachRoger married wonderful couple this last Friday down in Newport Beach.  This couple, Lance and Jessica, flew out from Arizona and wanted to have an intimate wedding for two on the beach of little Corona Del Mar.  It was just Lance & Jessica, Roger and the most wonderful photographer Michelle who usually does the photos when Roger has a wedding on the beach there.  So we all were to meet up by the parking area and then walk down to the sand together.  It was a beautiful blue sky day, not too hot, not too cold, not many people, everything was perfect !  The only dilemma on this beach is that in order to get over to the area where couples usually marry, you have to hop over a small creek that feeds out to the ocean.  Not a problem, Roger has jumped it dozens of times.  So the four of us come to the stream, the couple jump over no problem, Michelle the photographer makes it over too.  Now it’s Roger’s turn, with wedding book in hand, wearing his robe…he leaps……just as an incoming wave rushes up and washes out the sand that he is leaping from !!  He barely makes the jump and starts to fall backwards into the stream !!  Fortunately there was a random bush growing there and he was able grab ahold and save himself, his robe and most importantly the wedding ceremony book !!  Fast thinking kept Roger from taking a pre-wedding swim that day !! Roger went on to officiate a wonderful ceremony and the two of them loved it !!

At beautiful Little Corona in Newport Beach Linda and Scott said “I do.”

20151114_154604_resizedAt beautiful Little Corona in Newport Beach Linda and Scott said “I do.”  In their private ceremony on the shore, they were joined by their 4 children, who each played a role in blessing their parents union.

This was a very family centered ceremony that, while lifting up the sacred love that both Scott and Linda found in each other, focused on the merging of their two families and the joy they experience as they come together.  After Scott and Linda affirmed their desire to be faithful to one another, all four children were asked to also say their “I do’s” — to bless and commit to relationship together as a new family.

As the sun set upon the ocean, it rises in their new relationship.  The beauty of the afternoon surely reflects the beauty of their relationship.  What a blessing to stand before this committed couple as they vowed to journey with one another through life!

Sand Ceremony on the beach for 2 Ladies from Colorado. 

 Tana and Lynn came out from Colorado to get married on our Southern California beaches. From the moment we started chatting with them I knew that this was a wedding that I was going to love. Their personalities were so fantastic and they were so in love with one another.

I recommended one of my favorite beaches little Corona Del Mar.  We found a perfect little spot and surrounded by their family we began the ceremony with their toes in the sand inside the heart that I drew.

They prepared their own vows for each other and in one of their vows she said that her partner was a ray of sunshine. So knowing that this couple was very playful and their family so wonderful I had everybody saying “You are my Sunshine” during the ceremony. They loved it!

They brought their own bottle for the sand ceremony and we have everybody there scoop some sand from the beach and saw the bottom of the bottle and then they blended the colored sand on top of it.

The ceremony ended with a wonderful kiss and hugs from their family.

They are big fans of Egyptology and behind them the rock looks like the Sphinx so they were very happy.

Three different couples… three different ceremonies…all ending with a wonderful kiss.

My day today was filled with wonder and happiness. My three big weddings crisscrossed across Orange County and Riverside County. 

The first one was at Coyote Hills Golf Club in Fullerton.  A wonderful and shy couple we're surrounded by beautiful flowers and music from a quartet.

The second was down on Little Corona Del Mar beach. The tide was going out in the rocky shore was appearing. I did a wonderful loving ceremony celebrating their believes in God and each other.

The third one was a Green River Golf Club in Corona. I did a wonderful custom written ceremony for them. During the ceremony it was interrupted by two different trains passing by. I incorporated them into the ceremony so everything would stay on track. Chuckle chuckle .

On either side of the three appointments I had to marriage license appointments. It was a wonderful and full day. I love days like this. 


Two couples, Four best friends get married on the beach

I've done many double weddings in my career but this one was very special.

Both couples have been friends for 25 years so it was so amazing that got to get married on the same day at the same place by the same extraordinary Officiant. Me lol.

They wanted to do a lei exchange and then a sand blending ceremony with a twist.
After they blended their sand as a couple then they blended two jars with therefore colors as friends.

The ceremony took place on Little Corona Del Mar beach and the bay could not have been more beautiful. I still can't believe I get paid to put my toes in the sand and make people happy.