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Our Great Officiant Beth performing a lovely Laguna Beach wedding on a gorgeous day!

Our Great Officiant Beth performing a lovely Laguna Beach wedding on a gorgeous day!

Charla and Scott’s precious daughter was a big help with flowers by Lei of Love.

The sand ceremony was lovely bounding for this new family.

What a great ceremony with friends and family encircling this new family with love and laughter.

Below please find a link to one of Great Officiant’s Beth’s most picturesque and loving wedding videos to date.


Rain Cant Put a Damper on True Love

image2Mark and Emma planned on getting married, just the two of them, on the beach today.

But due to El Nino (so they say), the day was inundated with a crazy storm. So instead they chose the gazebo at Heisler Park in Laguna Beach.

It was just the two of them, myself, and the photographer. It couldn’t have been more romantic with the gentle rain pitter pattering on the roof of the gazebo, the waves crashing on the beach, and the palm trees swaying in the wind.

It wasn’t what they expected, but with me taking care of their ceremony, they got more than they could ever dream.

We wish them a happy marriage, and hope they will be singing in the rain.image1

A Beautiful Ceremony on an Overlook, Monument Point, in Laguna Beach

Charla and Scott Laguna BethOn 9-5-15, Charla and Scott tied the knot overlooking the beach at Monument Point in Laguna Beach.

A picture perfect day and Love was in the air!

Their beautiful daughter Sienna was the perfect helper when Charla handed off her bouquet!

Flowers by Great Officiants Preferred Florist: Lei of Love, Beth Gates who also Officiated this lovely union!!

Here are some beautiful words the couple had to say:


Thanks again for all your help coordinating!  Everything turned out great.


Charla and Scott Lei of Love Bouquet



A Re-Marriage at Laguna Beach

20150905_190014_resizedNatalie and Troy’s story is the kind that reminds you of the incredible power of love.  The apostle Paul tells us that “love never ends” as he espouses the incredible virtues of love.  Troy and Natalie’s love manifest his words.  They were first married years ago, had a daughter and life got messy (as it often does).  They divorced 5 years ago, but remained friends and co-parents to their daughter.  Over the years they realized the depth of their friendship and the strength of their love.  They discovered that marriage isn’t a fairytale.  It is a partnership, a friendship, and a commitment.  Their love was always there, they just needed some time to get it right.

They finally realized what they were dreaming about was right before their eyes.  So they took a trip from their home in Texas and returned to Laguna Beach where they were first married to say “I do” again.

In fact, moments before their ceremony they surprised their daughter with the news that they would wed!  She, and Troy’s older daughter were handed bouquets and the wedding began!

So, at sunset, with the waves crashing against the rocks behind them, sand in toes, and joy in their hearts, they married again.  It was a lovely private ceremony with their family at the waters edge.

What a gift that God has blessed them with love and they were able to find it with one another once again!  20150905_191408_resized 20150905_191607_resized

Beautiful Ceremony at Crescent Bay Park

20150808_172721(0)_resizedCathy and Marc met first in high school decades ago, but didn’t really know each other well and definitely didn’t keep in touch.  Yet thanks to the miracle of social media they reconnected on a high school Facebook group and kindled an unexpected romance!

It didn’t take too long to realize that this was a gift from God!  Both Cathy and Marc are strong in their faith and deepened their relationship by going to church together.  It was important that their marriage be blessed and officiated by a Christian pastor.

That’s where I came in!  What a joy it was to get to know the couple and hear their professions of love for one another, their journey to get where they are today and their excitement about their lives to come.

On Saturday August 8 we gathered in beautiful Laguna Beach, Crescent Bay Park. They booked one of Great Officiants beach weddings so the set up was entirely taken care of and it looked incredible.  It seemed God had arranged the perfect day with the deep blues and greens of the ocean, a lighter blue sky, and the sun high above casting sparkles upon the ocean below! It was perhaps one of the most gorgeous sites for a wedding I have ever seen!

The couple was beautiful as well, I could see their glow of excitement, the look of love in their eyes, and the joy that emanated from them!  Surrounded by about 40 of their friends and family, they said “I do” and vowed to hold one another’s hand through the journey of life that lies ahead.  The sand ceremony was particularly fitting as we stood on the cliff high above a sandy beach and imagined all the sands of the world.  These particular sands representing the two of them, all that they are, have been and who they will be. As they poured them together they symbolized pouring themselves into their marriage, and the unexpected beautiful design that was created reminded them of the unexpected beauty they will find in their marriage.

It was a beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple!  I look forward to returning to Crescent Bay Point Park in gorgeous Laguna Beach to witness more weddings– this spot is one of the most spectacular views I have ever seen!  Blessings to Catherine and Marc!  20150808_162749_resized 20150808_164809_resized 20150808_164818_resized 20150808_164822_resized 20150808_165428_resized

1000 Steps Beach Wedding. Easy to get down there and not so easy getting back up.

Rich and Amy and her two children and some family came from out-of-state and rented a home above Thousand Step Beach. Normally when you go down to Thousand Step Beach it’s a long straight stairway but The private homes and have easier ones…. just a bit. once you get down to the beach it’s a beautiful spot. We celebrated by doing a family sand ceremony some wonderful vows and an incredible kiss.


Shadows on the rocks for this sunset Laguna Beach wedding at the Surf and Sand Hotel


Soren and Shawnee came to Laguna Beach from Utah. It was their dream to get married with their toes in the sand. Just the two of them with no family or friends. 

I got this cool picture of their shadows on the rocks.  


Standing in a rose covered heart dug into the sand, together we designed A perfect intimate ceremony that included several elements.

To open the ceremony I did for blows of the conch shell to the four corners of the year. Just before the vows I played the singing bowl. And we closed it off with the sand ceremony.

They wrote their own vows and at my recommendation place them into frames. 

I even surprise them by singing them a couple of songs at the beginning and end of the ceremony.


A Lovely Ceremony at Hotel Laguna in Laguna Beach

IMG_0073Hotel Laguna in Laguna Beach is an amazing spot to get married at. It is in a beautiful location right next to the beach, we love doing ceremonies here! The newly weds had these nice words to share:

"Hi Alan!!!

John and I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful ceremony! The guests couldn't say enough great things about how fabulous it was (and they especially enjoyed the humor you added to the vows!) We can't wait to see the video.

Thank you again, so much!!! It is a day and a ceremony we will never ever forget, and it wouldn't have been the same without you there!

Gayle & John"

Thank you Gayle and John, and Congratulations!beach IMG_0084 IMG_0085 IMG_0088

Victoria beach wedding ceremony. With their toes in the sand exchanged their vows

Elizabeth and Matt decided that they wanted to get married on the beach. As a child Matt roamed all through these beaches and really love this particular spot. The tower along the coastline was built in the 1920s as a way for the residence on the bluff to get down to the beach. It stands majestically above the beach and is a neat backdrop for a ceremony.

Unfortunately it's a very challenging beach to get down to. The neighborhood has very little if any open parking spaces so you have to park on Coast Highway. Then you have to walk downhill and find the long stairway to the beach. 

Once on the beach you have to traverse several rocky areas to get over to the tower.

As you'll see in the pictures below for some it can be well worth the trek. 

Anthony had a two part wedding weekend

Andrius & Vigita – from Lithuania – drove in from Las Vegas to be married on the beach in California.
Victoria Beach in Laguna to be specific.
An awesome elopement with on the couple, myself and the photog.
High tide was at 4:45 and we planned to start at 5:00. OOPS
The three of us took a couple of big wave hits. Well above the rolled up suit pants line!!!
The three of us stood sunk ankle deep into the sand.
I am sure they will have fun sharing this story!
The are a lovely couple. Damp, but lovely!
Vigitia Andruis AVY 20141002

Friday October 3, 2014: I was invited to be the officiant for Stacey and Joshua's wedding.
Their ceremony was at the Twin Oaks Garden Estate in San Marcos. This is an amazing venue!
A historic school house, and an almost magic garden like atmosphere.

Stacey and Josh were both excited but calm, ready to become husband and wife.
Until, Joshua came down the isle escorting his mother to her seat. After a big hug and kiss on the cheek,
he began to look a bit like a school boy giving his first book report! He could not stand still!

When Stacey came into view, he stopped figgiting and just watched, big tears and smile.
The smiled, the giggled, they chatted a little between themselves. They were completely there with each other, focused, and quite obviously, having the time of their lives. It was an honor to be a part of it.Stacey Joash AVY 20141003