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Beth and Greg had a busy start to the Fall wedding season!

Beth Gates marries another happy couple Middle Ranch Lodge Lakeview Terrace beautiful setting for an October wedding:

The bride and groom wrote their own vows and both became very emotional!  Our Great Officiant Beth was ready though and handed tissues to both the bride and the groom a first for Beth, sure glad she always has two tissues at ready!20141025_173231

Beth and Greg Gates work as a team and marry two Happy Couples in one day, September 27th was a great  day filled with love:

Beth in Long Beach at Marine Stadium Park with Brittany and Jeremy with a handle full of friends and family on a beautiful day!9-26-41 Wedding download 019

Then Beth and Greg Gates are off to Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes were Beth designed the flowers and blew the Conch Shell  Announcing a new voyage for Glenn and Renee as Greg married the couple just outside their bungalow overlooking the Pacific Ocean.9-26-41 Wedding download 036

Just another day in Paradise for these  two Great Officiants!

Steve and Kim true love 10-18-2014:

 Beth Gates marries the couple on the beach in Long Beach and here beautiful Arch flowers turn into sweetheart table decor at Don the Beachcomber!



The Queen the Don and Oh Maya

Did some Great Wedding Ceremonies this weekend.

Ana and Thomas Got married at the Awesome Hotel Maya in Long Beach. It was a celebration of love and laughter. It started late because one of their Parents were late, so I went out and entertained the crowd while they waited for it to begin. I was the warm act act. LOL.

Randy and Linda got married at Don the Beachcomber in Sunset Beach. I did a modified Hawaiian ceremony for them. What a beautiful tropical place to get married.


Kari and Ulf booked a huge suite on the Queen Mary Ship (my recomendation) and with just some close family they exchanged vows in their candle lit room.

We have a special “Wed and Bed” package set with them. Call us for the special code.