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It was a typical gorgeous day at Palasides Park that was made even more beautiful by the love that was reaffirmed in the vow renewal for Charles (Kat) and Wanda Edgerton

It was a typical gorgeous day at Palasides Park that was made even more beautiful by the love that was reaffirmed in the vow renewal for Charles (Kat) and Wanda Edgerton. After 50 years of marriage they renewed their vows in front of their children and grandchildren in an all-white affair. The love and affection this family has for each other was so infectious that it captured the attention of passers-by who became impromptu wedding guests. Congratulations Kat and Wanda. May your next 50 years together be even more blessed and amazing.

Art & Lizbeth celebrated their wedding at Miramar Park. in Redondo Beach.

Art & Lizbeth celebrated their wedding at Miramar Park. in Redondo Beach. Great Couple. They stared at each other smiling throughout the ceremony and had a great sense of humor. Excellent location. Best ocean view and mild ocean breeze. The weather could had not been better. We can do set ups for up to 100 guests at this location. We set up the chairs, arch, handle all the permits and insurance. all the couple has to do is walk down the aisle!

Easter Bunny shows up at wedding at Point Dume in Malibu Beach Wedding

Joey and Gustavo wanted to get married on Easter Sunday so i dad to bring along my bunny head.

I didn’t wear it for the ceremony only for pictures after. It made for a great laugh.

They chose Point Dume in Malibu. I was all ready to walk out onto the beach when their friend pointed to the top of the cliffs and said the wedding is up there. I was not ready for that as I was ready to be barefoot on the beach. SO I put on my dress shoes and trecked up the hill.

It was worth every gasp when i got up there. The view is amazing

They decorated the area with wild flowers and draping and the grooms walked down the gauntlet of friends to the end of the path to where I was waiting.

They did a beautiful Sand Ceremony blending their lives together.

After it was all done they had a big kiss and got tons of pictures with their family and friends.

Roger had the extreme honor to marry Adam & Diserie this last Sunday at 10:00 in the morning in Seal Beach

Roger had the extreme honor to marry Adam & Diserie this last Sunday at 10:00 in the morning in Seal Beach…….  And they made it just in time.  No, they weren’t late….in fact early….. And all their guest were there on time too……..  It was just the fact that most of their guests and Adam & Diserie had run a triathlon THE DAY BEFORE !!  But you would never know it !  Both were chipper and excited to start the day !  It was a great day and a wonderful couple !

Roger performed a beautiful wedding at the always wonderful Palisade Park in Santa Monica

Some couples will exchange gifts during the ceremony and some couples will read their worlds of love to one another……..  This last Saturday Roger got to witness a very special gift that was given to the groom Alfredo from his bride Julianne…..and Roger got to be part of it.  The wedding was held at the always wonderful Palisades Park in Santa Monica.  Just a small intimate wedding of 25 people including Julianne’s two children.  Plus Julianne is pregnant with their first child together.  And neither of them know the gender of the baby…. At least that is what Alfredo thought…..  So just before Roger announces them husband and wife…. he mentions that Julianne has a gift for him…….. What could it be???  She hands him a small box……. And in that box was a very, teeny tiny pair of PINK cowboy boots !!  Alfredo was now a father to a little girl….for a total of three girls now !  It was a wonderful surprise and a doozy of a gift !!

The Plane Crash and the Couple

Normally you don’t hear both of those words in the same sentence but today was a special day.

They came here from Australia with their child to get married on the beach. We met in the parking lot first were issued them their marriage license and we proceeded to walk to the beach.

While on the beach at Point Dume in Malibu as we were walking toward the beach we noticed something strange in the sand.

Plane wreckage:

This area is well known for shooting movies and apparently they were shooting a movie about a plane crash.

So after we explored a bit we went down to the waters edge by the rocks.

I performed a beautiful ceremony for them with the waves crashing in the background. During the ceremony a helicopter flew over and thankfully it didn’t crash.

During their big kiss their child jumped up to join them. It was a very sweet moment.

We love doing beach weddings!

Rev. Sarah performs a beautiful beach ceremony in Huntington Beach

sarah1On a sunny Saturday in October, a beautiful bride surrounded by her lovely maids, stood in the sand as the breeze gently blew her hair and rippled her dress, while she awaited the arrival of her groom so she could walk down the aisle to start their lives together in Huntington Beach.

Brianna and Melvin waited a long time for this moment, and finally on the beach before their family and friends, their love, which began with a good friendship and grew into a best friendship, true love and partnership, was sealed as they exchanged vows and said “I do.”

There under the blue, blue sky with the deep vast ocean behind them and the warm sand at their feet, they promised to journey together through the ups and downs of life’s roller coaster, to walk hand in hand, and choose to love daily.

The turquoise blues and the bright coral complemented nature’s magnificent colors, paired with the arch and flowers made a picturesque setting.  October’s warm weather made for an extended summer wedding that was perfect for Brianna and Melvin.    Of course, nothing compared to the way Melvin looked at her, both misty eyed, as they said their vows to one another.

It was a lovely wedding, filled with the hope of the bride and groom’s love, and that of their family and friends that surrounded them with love and well wishes.

Happy Wedding Brianna and Melvin!sarah2 sarah3

A Walk on Beach Ceremony in Long Beach for Rev. Gary

img_3167In a bayside ceremony led by Rev. Dr. Gary Barmore, Kristi and Amir pledged their eternal love and faithful commitment in marriage.  They composed their own vows, expressed before God and a few cherished guests.  Great Officiants suggested their minister as well as the venue — a lovely spot at the end of the Belmont Shore peninsula in Long Beach.  The few rain-drops that fell on this late October nuptial felt like the very kiss of God’s blessing.

A Beach Ceremony at Little Corona Del Mar in Newport Beach by Rev. Gary

img_3086If you live in Minnesota and wish to get married in the most beautiful spot on earth, you come to “Little Corona del Mar” in Newport Beach, and that’s just what Great Officiants recommended to Anna King and Greg Davis. They and their three “blended” children came to SoCal for theme-park exploration and, most importantly, their sacred vows of marriage.  Rev. Dr. Gary Barmore, also recommended by Great Officiants, brought the blessing of God upon their love and commitment to life together, in a natural cathedral of spectacular rock formations, crashing surf and blue sky.  Following the Sunday morning ceremony, they asked Pastor Barmore, as a long-time local, if it would rain on their afternoon of activities before heading back home on Monday.  He said, “no rain” —  and thereby will always be regarded by Greg and Anna as a wonderful minister but a poor prognosticator of weather, given the rainy day it became.img_3092

The Lucky Ones Receive A Sign………..

roger-chris-liz4Roger had the honor of marrying Chris & Liz this last weekend on the beach of Corona Del Mar in Newport Beach.  This was not Roger’s first wedding on that particular beach.  In fact he has done over a dozen weddings on that very same beach.  But this wedding stood out over all the others……… all because of a sign…………

People always talk about “receiving a sign” when it comes to those major decisions in life.  And some people will even “stretch” a particular sign to fit their decision.  Very seldom does that “sign” absolutely, 100% give you an answer for what you were looking for……..  Well, this last Saturday, that sign happened for Chris & Liz.  First of all, Chris & Liz are deeply in love and perfect for each other.  Roger knew that about them from the first time he met them.  He knew that this was going to be a special wedding and he really wanted to make it one of a kind…..  What Roger didn’t know was that Mother Nature was already going to do that for him……..….   Chris & Liz had chosen to have a morning wedding at 9:30am this last Saturday.  Roger told them he would get there extra early to help direct everyone to the ceremony area.  When he got down to the beach, everything was all set up and ready to go.  They also had set up a table with a flower vase.  Roger then noticed there was also a single red rose sitting on the table along with a piece of dried seaweed.  Roger didn’t give it any thought and just assumed that it was decorations for the table…….  Well, a few minutes later, Chris the groom come’s up to Roger and tells him he wanted to show him something.  It turns out that Chris and his two brothers had gone down to the beach very early in that morning to set up their area and get things ready for the ceremony.  And right where they had decided to hold the ceremony, were two items floating in the beach wash……. One was a single red rose, a little worse for wear, but none the less, a red rose.  Now if that wasn’t enough of a sign, floating right next to that rose was a piece of dried seaweed…….in the shape of a heart !  There are no two items that represent love more that a red rose and a heart……and both of them were there, right where they chose to have the wedding ceremony.  Chris then asked if it would be at all possible for Roger to share this with their guests, this amazing sign……  Roger said “absolutely, everyone needs to know this” !!  Roger immediately made that his opening words for the ceremony.  It was one of the most emotional openings he has ever done and there was not a dry eye among the 50 or so guests there.  Roger, the couple Chris & Liz and their guests will always remember that the lucky ones receive a sign.roger-chris-liz1 2roger-chris-liz1 3roger-chris-liz1