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Anthony had a two part wedding weekend

Andrius & Vigita – from Lithuania – drove in from Las Vegas to be married on the beach in California.
Victoria Beach in Laguna to be specific.
An awesome elopement with on the couple, myself and the photog.
High tide was at 4:45 and we planned to start at 5:00. OOPS
The three of us took a couple of big wave hits. Well above the rolled up suit pants line!!!
The three of us stood sunk ankle deep into the sand.
I am sure they will have fun sharing this story!
The are a lovely couple. Damp, but lovely!
Vigitia Andruis AVY 20141002

Friday October 3, 2014: I was invited to be the officiant for Stacey and Joshua's wedding.
Their ceremony was at the Twin Oaks Garden Estate in San Marcos. This is an amazing venue!
A historic school house, and an almost magic garden like atmosphere.

Stacey and Josh were both excited but calm, ready to become husband and wife.
Until, Joshua came down the isle escorting his mother to her seat. After a big hug and kiss on the cheek,
he began to look a bit like a school boy giving his first book report! He could not stand still!

When Stacey came into view, he stopped figgiting and just watched, big tears and smile.
The smiled, the giggled, they chatted a little between themselves. They were completely there with each other, focused, and quite obviously, having the time of their lives. It was an honor to be a part of it.Stacey Joash AVY 20141003

Both Officiant Anthony and Whales Make Wedding Memorable!


On Thursday, April 17th, our Great Officiant Anthony had the honor of performing a ceremony for Danielle and John. The wedding was held at the gazebo at Heisler Park in Laguna Beach. It was a very small gathering, with about 15 guests with only the couple standing together.


For a half hour before and all through their ceremony there were three whales, directly off shore, maybe 100 yards from the sand! They spouted, breached, rolled and fluke slapped repeatedly. This was an added bonus to an already great event!

Great Officiant Anthony did a 2fer in the OC this weekend

20140322 MIchelle & MichaelSo, Saturday Anthony was honored to be Officiant of record for both of these fine, small weddings!

First, Michelle and Michael (Mike) in Newport Beach. What was supposed to be a 10 +/- guest event turned into 40+!! Moved from Laguna to Newport 2X!! Finally landing on the beach just off the boardwalk, we stormed the beach and formed a big semi-circle. Opened with a prayer from Michell’s father. Included a sand pouring with the Michell’s children, Andrew, Casandra and Chrissy joining in.

Then, down to Oceanside!!

20140322 Erika Ashley AVYAnother on the beach ceremony with Erika and Ashley – and their one friend/witness Noah!

Timed it so kiss happened as the sun touched the water. (watched for the green flash but no one saw it) This was a short, basic ceremony but the energy, emotion from these two ladies was amazing!

Staying in small bungalow right on the edge of the beach, rocks, they had an a amazing view of the rest of the sunset while enjoying their first married toast! (It got cold quick and windy – got back to room fast after the kiss!)

Huntington beach wedding on the sand with Anthony.

Anthony Reports…

I had the privilege to be the Officiant of record for Nicholas and AngelinaHB1! This was  a small, wonderful wedding with 20+/- guests on the sand across the ‘people bridge’ from Huntington Beach Hyatt.

The couples daughters, Kylie and Cadence served and wedding party/ring bearers, each carrying one ring in a gold sea shell filled with black sand.

The guest formed a semi-circle around us and we just jumped right in!

Cadence was more interested in burying the flower pedals and drawing in the sand but -when we called her name as asked for ring, she as all business!

The weather was amazing and a good time was had by all!

Leis and love on Corona del mar beach.

Rev. Anthony just turned in this wonderful beach wedding story.

So, this morning, started at Corona Del Mar State Beach.
Lovely morning, not typical overcast for this time of year and time of day.
Light breeze – could not ask for more perfect weather.

Ellen and Cindy are fantastic couple! Laid back, fun and very much in love.
Ladies were both in blue jeans and white button down shirts, comfy
sandals the kicked off when walking out onto the sand.

Cindy’s daughters presented them with the lei’s for the lei exchange and
Ellen’s friend Cathy had the rings.