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Easter Bunny shows up at wedding at Point Dume in Malibu Beach Wedding

Joey and Gustavo wanted to get married on Easter Sunday so i dad to bring along my bunny head.

I didn’t wear it for the ceremony only for pictures after. It made for a great laugh.

They chose Point Dume in Malibu. I was all ready to walk out onto the beach when their friend pointed to the top of the cliffs and said the wedding is up there. I was not ready for that as I was ready to be barefoot on the beach. SO I put on my dress shoes and trecked up the hill.

It was worth every gasp when i got up there. The view is amazing

They decorated the area with wild flowers and draping and the grooms walked down the gauntlet of friends to the end of the path to where I was waiting.

They did a beautiful Sand Ceremony blending their lives together.

After it was all done they had a big kiss and got tons of pictures with their family and friends.

The Plane Crash and the Couple

Normally you don’t hear both of those words in the same sentence but today was a special day.

They came here from Australia with their child to get married on the beach. We met in the parking lot first were issued them their marriage license and we proceeded to walk to the beach.

While on the beach at Point Dume in Malibu as we were walking toward the beach we noticed something strange in the sand.

Plane wreckage:

This area is well known for shooting movies and apparently they were shooting a movie about a plane crash.

So after we explored a bit we went down to the waters edge by the rocks.

I performed a beautiful ceremony for them with the waves crashing in the background. During the ceremony a helicopter flew over and thankfully it didn’t crash.

During their big kiss their child jumped up to join them. It was a very sweet moment.

We love doing beach weddings!

World Champion Black belt in Jujitsu gets married on the beach.

Patricia is a world champion in jujitsu. Today she married Charles on the beach.

Before putting our toes in the sand, I issued them their marriage license while she sat in the air-conditioned car. Much better than standing in line at the county. Right?

With 25 of their friends and family surrounding them I did a light Catholic style ceremony for them.

They each read some beautiful words to each other expressing their love and commitment.

I made sure he knew that if he didn’t listen to her that she would use some of her jujitsu on him. They all chuckled at that.

It ended with a huge kiss and then they walked off together toward the water.

The Germans, Their Baby, The Beach and the Bobby Pin Ring

Marco and Sandra along with their two-year-old baby were traveling through the western US on vacation. Her parents joined them on the trip as well.

They decided they wanted to get married and have their wedding ceremony on Santa Monica Beach. Their first stop was a few days before at my office in Long Beach to get their marriage license. Then today we met again at the foot of the Santa Monica pier and ventured out to one of the lifeguard towers. Since it was Monday the beach was relatively empty so we have the whole area to ourselves.

Their English wasn’t very good so I spoke slowly and they repeated 1 to 3 words at a time. When it was time for the rings they wanted their daughter to hand them to them.

She had other plans, as two year olds usually do. She wanted to keep the ring and when they took it away from her she broke down in tears.

So thinking quickly I scoured the area in front of me and noticed a bobby pin playing on the ground. I fashioned it into ring and handed it to her. She stopped crying and was so excited that she had her ring that she showed it off to everyone. We were then able to continue the ceremony. At the end her mother read something to them in German. I pronounced them a couple and they gave each other the biggest kiss.

They said Danka Schoen (thank you) and I said  Auf Wiedersehen (good bye).

2 Great Officiants, 2 Great Couples 1 Great Beach in Malibu. 

SHARI and I booked booked a beach wedding on Point Dume in Malibu on the same day an hour apart. So we carpooled through early morning traffic and arrived at 930 am. There was almost no one at the beach and it was a perfect combo morning waves crashing against the rocks.

Shari had the first wedding at 10am. They showed up promptly dressed to the nines. She issued them their license and ventured down to the point where some dolphins and whales were cruising by in the backdrop.

Alan’s 11 o’clock couple did not show up till 1230. They had so many mishaps along the way. Their phones both died, they had car trouble and she had accidentally put your hand into some road tar that she couldn’t get off. Making it to the beach was the ultimate test for their marriage. If they could make it there with all the crazy stuff that went on to get them there and they were destined to be together. And in the end they gave each other and amazing kiss and we’re happy that they made it and endured their crazy adventure.

And they all liver happily ever after.

We did the hokey pokey during the ceremony.

Heidi and Judson and their family came in from Salt Lake City.
they had a blended family he had two children, she had one and together they had one on the way.

They rented a home on the beach in Newport. And with their family and friends in tow we did the ceremony with toes in the sand

They wanted a ceremony that would join their family together as well as the two of them.
so instead of the rings they exchanged bracelets.

as a gift to the family I surprised them with a free sand ceremony. I come from a blended family is well and I know how important it is to let each one of them know how important they are.

so after they exchange the bracelets and blended the sand I have them stand in the circle holding each other’s hands. I told them first to put the right foot in and then pull the right foot out and they pretty much got it from there. We did the hokey pokey and we turned ourselves around because that’s what it’s all about.

I had them make a fun silly face for the picture.

The tale of the Sake and the Broom

Darius and Yu met while he was serving in the Armed Forces in Japan. They fell in love and knew they should be together.

Living in two separate countries and trying to caring on a romance is not always the easiest thing. They knew their love was strong and that it would indure.

So finally she came out here and they decided to get married on the beach. It was just the two of them and his mother who flew out from New Jersey.

We first met at my office today where I issued them their marriage license so they didn’t have to stand in line at the County Clerk.

Then we made our way down to a beautiful beach area in Long Beach. There was hardly a soul on the beach so I knew it would be wonderful.

On the way there I thought I would surprise them and add two elements from their culture.

I went to liquor store and purchased a small bottle of sake and a couple of glasses. I also grab the broom for them to jump over at the end of the ceremony. 

It was a wonderful way to celebrate such a special day and they love the extra attention I gave them to make the ceremony a true reflection of their love story. 

El Matador Beach Wedding in Malibu. 

 One of my favorite spots in Malibu is El Matador State Beach. it’s not the easiest beach to get to but it’s worth the climb.

Just a few miles past Zuma Beach there’s a small parking lot. If you’re lucky enough to get a spot on the first time around consider yourself lucky. Otherwise you can park up on Coast Highway.

 You start on the trail at the end of the parking lot and make your way down to the first set of stairs. Make sure that you are wearing footwear as there’s lots of rocks along the way. Once you go down the first set of stairs there’s a path that’s rather flat that will take you to the second set of stairs and those will take you down to the beach.

It’s very important when you go to the beach to check out the tide charts first. If it is a high tide there will be no beach at all so plan to be tide during the low tide or at least mean tide.

There are lots of beautiful rocks jutting up out of the water. The big rock we call The Bull (that’s why it’s called El Matador) is my favorite place to do Ceremonies.

I draw a heart in the sand and have them step inside with their family surrounding them.

 Today Ken and Angela flew in from Chicago with their family to get married on the beach. They have never been to California before and they loved this spot.
In the ceremony they each read their own vows to each other and with their children did a sand blending ceremony. I closed the ceremony with them and the kids giving each other a big hug and doing the hokey pokey. Everybody left. They loved it and the kids loved it.

If you’re looking for a great place to do a beach wedding and you just have a few people this is a great option.

Rain Cant Put a Damper on True Love

image2Mark and Emma planned on getting married, just the two of them, on the beach today.

But due to El Nino (so they say), the day was inundated with a crazy storm. So instead they chose the gazebo at Heisler Park in Laguna Beach.

It was just the two of them, myself, and the photographer. It couldn’t have been more romantic with the gentle rain pitter pattering on the roof of the gazebo, the waves crashing on the beach, and the palm trees swaying in the wind.

It wasn’t what they expected, but with me taking care of their ceremony, they got more than they could ever dream.

We wish them a happy marriage, and hope they will be singing in the rain.image1

Thanksgiving Day wedding ceremony on the beach

 Josephine and Daniel figured that since all the family was in town for Thanksgiving it was the perfect time to get married.

Daniel is a Marine stationed at Camp Pendleton. They meant on their friends blind date. They got to know each other and fell in love.

They chose the beach in San Clemente by the pier.

Josephine is seven months pregnant and excited about starting a new family.

I performed a modified Catholic style ceremony while they stood in the heart that I dug into the sand.

Their family was delighted and excited about this new family coming together.

We honor our military families and hope that they have a wonderful life together.