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Easter Bunny shows up at wedding at Point Dume in Malibu Beach Wedding

Joey and Gustavo wanted to get married on Easter Sunday so i dad to bring along my bunny head.

I didn’t wear it for the ceremony only for pictures after. It made for a great laugh.

They chose Point Dume in Malibu. I was all ready to walk out onto the beach when their friend pointed to the top of the cliffs and said the wedding is up there. I was not ready for that as I was ready to be barefoot on the beach. SO I put on my dress shoes and trecked up the hill.

It was worth every gasp when i got up there. The view is amazing

They decorated the area with wild flowers and draping and the grooms walked down the gauntlet of friends to the end of the path to where I was waiting.

They did a beautiful Sand Ceremony blending their lives together.

After it was all done they had a big kiss and got tons of pictures with their family and friends.

The Fly Boy, The Russian Bride, and the Barefoot Officiant, Malibu Beach Wedding

FullSizeRenderOlesya and Anthony got married in front of the Sunset Restaurant in Malibu. In addition to performing the ceremony they also enlisted our beach division to design and set up a most beautiful arch. The arch was a four post bamboo arch covered with both white and sheer Tiffany blue drapes adorned with starfish and flowers.

20150515_121128 20150515_121139

The ceremony was a combination of a Hawaiian style ceremony, and a traditional style ceremony. At the beginning of the ceremony, the conch shell was blown, the couples said their vows and did a beautiful sand ceremony at the end. The bridesmaids were beautiful and dressed to the nines. The guests thouroughly enjoyed the ceremony, and then went off to their reception.20150515_130609 20150515_131105 20150515_131128The rain had cleared up right before the ceremony, so they had the toes in the sand expereience they wanted. With beautiful clouds in the sky, the sun shining, we congratulate this happy and beautiful couple.IMG_5038

Seven Colors in a Family Sand Ceremony, on the Sand on Westward Beach in Malibu

PointDumeStateBeachI had a very nice wedding this past Saturday evening. The wedding took place on Westward Beach in Malibu, just south of Zuma. The wedding was for a very nice couple by the name of Mark Askey and Chelsea Otero. What made this wedding truly unique however was that this couple had five lovely children present. All of which participated in the bridal party.   

We performed the ceremony and then at the end of the service, we included a special 'unity sand' component for Mark, Chelsea and the five kids. Seven different colors of sand all being blended into a beautiful central container. 

It was really nice seeing this family come together on such a beautiful evening, and I was fortunate to be a part of their special day.

Dr. Michael A. Woods

Two couples same beach same day Same Love

Today at Little Corona Del mar beach I had the opportunity to Marry two different couples an hour apart.
With a heart dug in the sand and happiness surrounding them they exchange their vows blended some sand and sealed it with a kiss.

We wish the best of happiness to James and Brian and Leilani and Natalie.
I made this cool little video with an iPhone app.




A Busy Weekend for Beach Weddings


Great Officiant Frank married Ana and Andrew at a beautiful morning beach ceremony which took place Saturday, August 16th. It was the first of 3 ceremonies to be set up on the Long Beach Peninsula.


The 2nd beach wedding on the 16th was an afternoon ceremony for Wendy and Cornelius. by Great Officiant Greg. This lovely couple decided to have a sand ceremony in their wedding. Find info on our sand ceremonies HERE!


The picture above shows the set up for the 3rd and last wedding that occurred on the Long Beach Peninsula that day. Kelly and Andrew were married by Alan Katz in the late afternoon against the beautiful backdrop of downtown Long Beach.

8-16-14 Point Dume Beach Wedding

Officiant Michael married Ateah and David, who chose to have their wedding ceremony at Point Dume in Malibu.