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Monthly Archive: July 2016

Hannah Shaw and David Castellanos picked just the right day of the week for their marriage ceremony: Monday!

IMG_3013Hannah Shaw and David Castellanos picked just the right day of the week for their marriage ceremony:  Monday!  Their chosen venue, Seal Beach near the Reef Cafe and jetty, was quite vacant for a beautiful mid-day in July, and their thirty guests had an excuse for an extended weekend, spending the day with this delightful couple.  The Rev Dr Gary Barmore of Great Officiants made his way across the sand, donned his clergy robe, and led a ceremony that David and Hannah as well as their parents (pictured), family and friends found inspiring for the happy couple and their own lives as well.  Dr. Barmore has oft noted that weddings are now one of the few times people actually sit/stand still — not in front of a screen, game or TV but in the presence of a loving event —  and that the couple thus offers folks around them a great opportunity to reflect on life and love and make re-commitment to deep relationships.

Tik and Mia Sealed the Deal at Averill Park Gazebo by Suvin

Tik and Mia are such a wonderful couple. They just gave birth to a beautiful child, and wanted to be legally married. They drove down from West Covina and enjoyed the cool breeze at the gorgeous Averill Park Gazebo while surrounded by their close family and friends. I even learned some Chinese to start the ceremony: Dajia Hao (Hello everyone!)

We assisted them by having one of our notaries Shari issue the marriage license, and Suvin provided a beautiful ceremony.

Mia was so happy after the ceremony, she wanted to take a selfie with me.20160710_154451

This small, intimate wedding of eight suddenly became a large celebration !!

rogerzackclaraRoger married Zackery and Clara this last Saturday on the sand in Corona Del Mar beach.  They flew in from Kentucky and wanted to get married on a Southern California beach with a beautiful location and dip their toes in the sand while marrying.  But they had no idea where, so they asked Roger for help in finding a place.  Without hesitation, Roger suggested Little Corona Del Mar beach !   As many of the Great Officiant team know, this location is amazing and generally pretty quiet by the time the late afternoon rolls around, perfect for an intimate wedding.  Roger has married many a couple on this small beach without anybody else there.  Well………… this particular afternoon was a superior day for weather, blue skies, comfortable temperature, absolutely perfect for a wedding……… but also great for late afternoon sunbathing !!  So Zackery and Clara’s wedding of eight guests ended up being a larger group of uninvited guests !  Not that the additional guests were not appreciated……quite the contrary…….  When Roger pronounced them married and Zackary and Clara had their first kiss as husband and wife, the beach erupted in applause, hoots and hollers !  It was an amazing sight.  A group of people who didn’t know either Zackary & Clara celebrated this amazing act of love, their wedding ceremony !!!  Now the only problem was finding seating for the extra guests at their reception ha !

Sunset Beach at Sunset, performed by Suvin of Great Officiants

20160624_182000Greg and Radeyah are an awesome couple. They decided to get married toes in the sand at Sunset Beach by Suvin of Great Officiants.

This is a beautiful location, fairly secluded, with a picturesque view. Beth of Lei of Love provided a floral arrangement that I placed on the ground lining the aisle.

At the start of the ceremony, the flower girl was so nervous, she refused to walk down the aisle! Finally, she gained the courage to walk the path. I added into the ceremony by saying, sometimes you are frightening to go forward, to cross that threshold into a new beginning. But with both of you, holding each others hands, looking into each other’s eyes, you know you have each other for support and comfort, all you need to do is take that first step, and that is what we are celebrating here today.

And what a celebration it was, congrats you two!20160624_180424