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Monthly Archive: September 2015

A Cool Breeze on the Beach

2015091295150812Despite recent heat, the waves at 72nd Street and Ocean in Long Beach were beautiful, with a cooling breeze. Formal dress was forbidden by Katy and David, the bride and groom, so guests from all over the world, from London to Australia, were decked out in flip flops, shorts, and Hawaiian shirts, though Katy still managed to sparkle in her simple but elegant white dress. Both were quite emotional as they repeated their own Vows.  Katy told me afterwards, “It was perfect.”

A Re-Marriage at Laguna Beach

20150905_190014_resizedNatalie and Troy’s story is the kind that reminds you of the incredible power of love.  The apostle Paul tells us that “love never ends” as he espouses the incredible virtues of love.  Troy and Natalie’s love manifest his words.  They were first married years ago, had a daughter and life got messy (as it often does).  They divorced 5 years ago, but remained friends and co-parents to their daughter.  Over the years they realized the depth of their friendship and the strength of their love.  They discovered that marriage isn’t a fairytale.  It is a partnership, a friendship, and a commitment.  Their love was always there, they just needed some time to get it right.

They finally realized what they were dreaming about was right before their eyes.  So they took a trip from their home in Texas and returned to Laguna Beach where they were first married to say “I do” again.

In fact, moments before their ceremony they surprised their daughter with the news that they would wed!  She, and Troy’s older daughter were handed bouquets and the wedding began!

So, at sunset, with the waves crashing against the rocks behind them, sand in toes, and joy in their hearts, they married again.  It was a lovely private ceremony with their family at the waters edge.

What a gift that God has blessed them with love and they were able to find it with one another once again!  20150905_191408_resized 20150905_191607_resized

A Beautiful Beach Wedding in Santa Monica

IMG_3993A beautiful sunset on Santa Monica beach was the perfect setting for Ruby and Ben to exchange marriage vows. They had traveled from England for their dream nuptials, and Great Officiants matched them with a cool clergyman, Rev.Dr.Gary Barmore, who strode through the sand to the site of the ceremony.  Although the bride and groom looked like glamorous young Hollywood stars, ready for a movie shoot by the shore, actually they will return home to resume their professions as British engineers, and of course, a joyous life together.  Since the only witnesses that evening were the photographer and videographer, when Rev.Gary came to the part where he likes to ask the guests for their affirmation, he looked into the video camera and beseeched the folks back home “across the pond” to provide loving support for Ben and Ruby through the years.  Ruby, by the way, was relieved that the rings were not fumbled into the sand!