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Monthly Archive: July 2015

Sand Ceremony on the beach for 2 Ladies from Colorado. 

 Tana and Lynn came out from Colorado to get married on our Southern California beaches. From the moment we started chatting with them I knew that this was a wedding that I was going to love. Their personalities were so fantastic and they were so in love with one another.

I recommended one of my favorite beaches little Corona Del Mar.  We found a perfect little spot and surrounded by their family we began the ceremony with their toes in the sand inside the heart that I drew.

They prepared their own vows for each other and in one of their vows she said that her partner was a ray of sunshine. So knowing that this couple was very playful and their family so wonderful I had everybody saying “You are my Sunshine” during the ceremony. They loved it!

They brought their own bottle for the sand ceremony and we have everybody there scoop some sand from the beach and saw the bottom of the bottle and then they blended the colored sand on top of it.

The ceremony ended with a wonderful kiss and hugs from their family.

They are big fans of Egyptology and behind them the rock looks like the Sphinx so they were very happy.

A Perfect Family


Erica & Leticia tied the knot at 72nd Pl. in Long Beach. They chose one of our beach packages and the set up is absolutely beautiful! Even though it was a rainy day in Southern California it did not stop us from having a beautiful ceremony.

The beautiful couple lives in Texas therefore we were never able to meet in person while working together to design the perfect ceremony for them. We originally had a FaceTime meeting and then after that were in constant communication over texts, emails, and phone calls. The end result was a bilingual ceremony with our sand ceremony and also a necklace and ring presentation for Leticia's son, Gabriel, symbolizing how important he is to both of them and how much they love him! Gabriel also participated in the sand ceremony so instead of having two individual containers of sand we had three, representing each of them.

I also said some words paying respect Leticia's parents who are no longer with us but were there in spirit. This was followed by a brief moment of silence in honor to them. Since they were not present Leticia decided to present Erica's parents with roses and a handkerchief representing the love and appreciation she has for them.

I customized their ceremony to represent the beautiful couple and their son to a T. It was truly a very personal and unique ceremony!

Leticia, Erica, and Gabriel I wish you all nothing but love and all the blessings in the world! Thank you for giving me the honor of officiating a beautiful ceremony for such an amazing love story!

Bel Air Bay Club Wedding. 

I love doing weddings at Bel Air Bay club in Pacific Palisades. It's such a beautiful location.

Today I did a filipino style wedding for Rhosemarie  & Daniel   

In addition to doing the cord, Veil and coins we also did the unity candle and threw in a couple prayers.  

  With a huge wedding party and tons of sponsors the processional to quite a while. 

The cake was awesome and table centerpieces were beautiful. Each table was different and creative.


The couple was very happy and so were  their guests. 

A Beautiful Beach Backdrop Bilingual Ceremony

IMG_0616Rajah & Camilo tied the knot at The Malibu Beach Club off the PCH with a beautiful ocean backdrop. Rajah is Philippine and Camilo Hispanic so it was essential for them and for their families and friends to have a bilingual ceremony.

We worked together to design a perfect and well-balanced ceremony so that everybody could feel part of it and understand the beautiful message behind it. We incorporated the mothers rose presentation in both English and Spanish and also the butterfly release right before the pronouncement.

It was the first time I had ever done a butterfly release as usually my couples replace the butterflies with bubbles. It was absolutely beautiful and no butterflies were hurt! Instead of flying away they all flew towards the orchids that surrounded us and posed there for all to take pictures! They could clearly feel the love in the air and did not want to leave the atmosphere!

Rajah & Camilo are big fans of the famous book "The Little Prince" so they asked me to incorporate into their ceremony a reading from the book. I rehearsed it a few times before their wedding so that it would come out beautifully. To my surprise it almost brought tears to their eyes as I read the beautiful words. I was very happy with the outcome of the ceremony! And of course I absolutely adore this happy couple!

Rajah & Camilo I send you both all my love, hugs, blessings, and best wishes in the world!IMG_0634 IMG_0636 IMG_0638

An Intimate wedding at the Malibu West Beach Club

1 Full GroupAn intimate wedding service for Yasmari & Ryan took place on Thursday June 25 at the Malibu West Beach Club, on the terrace overlooking the Pacific.  The ceremony included the blending of sand, signifying the uniting of their lives.  After the "sealed-with-a-kiss" moment, the happy couple walked across the sand to two lounge chairs to share a private moment together, before returning to the dining room for wine and food and dancing.  2 Vows 3 Rev. B with Couple 4 walking to the chairs 5 a private moment 6 First Dance

Fun weekend of Weddings

From the beach to the forest to the hall this weekend's weddings had it all.

The thing I love about what I do is that I get to meet all sorts of different types of couples. Their stories of how they met are all different. 

The places where they get married vary as well. 

The beach is a wonderful place to get married because it's a very freeing place where your toes are in the sand. In the forest being surrounded by plants you get that natural feeling. At the hall you have the opportunity to be pampered.

One is no better than the other because they all end up with the same result. Two people who love each other get to join in the formal bond so they can celebrate the rest of their happiness together.

Shari’s Return to Blogging with a Beautiful and Romantic Love Story

IMG_6675_resizedThis story begins in Iran. The Groom was born there, then moved to Italy, then moved to sunny Los Angeles, and now lives in San Antonio. His family still lives in Palos Verdes, so the groom travelled here to LA to be married on Palos Verdes Cliffs. The bride travelled all the way from Italy to tie the knot with her love. She is now moving over to San Antonio with him, this is an intercontinental love story! But it does not stop there: at the end of July, this lovely couple will be married in Milan for the family in Italy!IMG_6593_resized

The groom was a romantic at heart, so he brought two dozen red roses in a lovely vase, it was really cute! To make things different, the bride had a boquet with red roses, baby's breath, and white marshmellows!

I love these romantic marriages. No matter the distance, love conquers all!IMG_7395