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Monthly Archive: June 2015

Shadows on the rocks for this sunset Laguna Beach wedding at the Surf and Sand Hotel


Soren and Shawnee came to Laguna Beach from Utah. It was their dream to get married with their toes in the sand. Just the two of them with no family or friends. 

I got this cool picture of their shadows on the rocks.  


Standing in a rose covered heart dug into the sand, together we designed A perfect intimate ceremony that included several elements.

To open the ceremony I did for blows of the conch shell to the four corners of the year. Just before the vows I played the singing bowl. And we closed it off with the sand ceremony.

They wrote their own vows and at my recommendation place them into frames. 

I even surprise them by singing them a couple of songs at the beginning and end of the ceremony.


Two different couples from Arizona got married on two different beaches on Father’s Day

Dreama and Richard wanted to get married on a rocky cove beach. I recommended El Matador beach in Malibu

With their children and family in tow we hiked down the path to the beautiful beach and got married at my favorite spot in front of the bull. 


Richelle and Chase rented a house in Venice Beach six blocks from the coast. I met them at the rental and then everyone walked down to the beach at the end of Washington Boulevard. We found a spot to the north of the pier right at the waters edge. With their friends around them they exchanged their vows.


We wish both couples a wonderful adventure in life and a safe trip back to Arizona.

Frank Renews This Couple’s Vows at the Newport Dunes

Alexandra & Jeremiah J. - 06.13.15Congratulations to Alexandra & Jeremiah Jacks on their June 13, 2015 vow renewal at the Newport Dunes in Newport Beach, CA.  It was a simple but meaningful renewal of their vows originally exchanged on September 11, 2014.  The harpist added a classy touch to the already classy ceremony.  The coordinators and photographer were all “on point,” and the weather was perfect.

Double rainbow, Sea Lion, Rain, Sunset and a Kiss…highlighted this beautiful wedding at Point Dume in Malibu

  Sean and Tara traveled from out of the area to get married on the beach in Malibu. I recommended Point Dume because of its picturesque qualities. Today it did not let us down. Even though it was drizzling at first it created a wonderful exciting buzz.

Just as we were setting up several playful sea lions frolicking in the water just offshore.

They stood inside of a heart that I dug into the sand and exchanged their vows. 

I incorporated a sand ceremony into the wedding as well as blowing my conch shell at the beginning.

I'm just as they kissed we looked up and a rainbow appeared and then a double rainbow. We all gasped with joy. 

Moments later we turned around to watch the beautiful sunset. It just doesn't get much better than this.       






A Review from the Sands of Long Beach to Octavio

1Here is a great review from a happy couple Octavio married on the sand on 69th street in Long Beach:

"Dear Alan,

We would like to express our gratification  and take a moment to praise Octavio in doing an exceptional job in performing such a heart felt beach ceremony for us in Spanish. It touched every one of us.

He definitely exceeded both our expectations in making our fairy tale wedding better than we had envisioned.  The entire wedding party fell in love with his charm and soothing energy easing our nerves and making the process so enjoyable and magnificent for all.

Gracias Octavio for an unforgettable day! Your grace will forever be in our hearts.

Mr. & Mrs. Cuevas

Photography from @sepheevisuals"2 3 4 5 6 7