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40 Wedding Guests…..Make that 41………

blade1So Roger officiated his beach wedding this last Saturday where he teamed up with the ever amazing Suvin the beach wedding guru. Everything was set; the weather was holding up, the beach wedding layout was perfect, Roger was ready to go and all 40 guests were there…… oh yeah, make that 41…….they had an extra uninvited guest….. A lone, feisty fisherman who was NOT going to move for any “dang wedding”.  So with a little prodding and pushing, he acquiesced and moved 20 feet away out of the sight of the wedding….. sort of…..  (you can still see him in the picture)  But the wedding went off without a “snag” and Roger never “floundered”!!!blade2

The Fly Boy, The Russian Bride, and the Barefoot Officiant, Malibu Beach Wedding

FullSizeRenderOlesya and Anthony got married in front of the Sunset Restaurant in Malibu. In addition to performing the ceremony they also enlisted our beach division to design and set up a most beautiful arch. The arch was a four post bamboo arch covered with both white and sheer Tiffany blue drapes adorned with starfish and flowers.

20150515_121128 20150515_121139

The ceremony was a combination of a Hawaiian style ceremony, and a traditional style ceremony. At the beginning of the ceremony, the conch shell was blown, the couples said their vows and did a beautiful sand ceremony at the end. The bridesmaids were beautiful and dressed to the nines. The guests thouroughly enjoyed the ceremony, and then went off to their reception.20150515_130609 20150515_131105 20150515_131128The rain had cleared up right before the ceremony, so they had the toes in the sand expereience they wanted. With beautiful clouds in the sky, the sun shining, we congratulate this happy and beautiful couple.IMG_5038

A Walk on Beach Ceremony in Long Beach

IMG_0114Yolanda & Arturo's wedding took place at 69th Pl. in Long Beach. They had a pretty big bridal party So they requested that I help them with the rehearsal. We did the rehearsal a week before their wedding, practiced it a few times, and the result was beautiful and very formal!

They did not have a beach set up but still wanted it to look as formal as possible. It was Yolanda's idea to make a heart on the sand with Rose petals so that they would stand inside the heart. I did this right before we begin the ceremony. They also brought their own radio so that I could control the processional and recessional music.

We performed a Catholic light ceremony in Spanish with the traditions of the coins and Lasso.

Having done a rehearsal really helped us in making their wedding very beautiful and traditional! Even though it is an extra fee for the rehearsal if you don't have awedding planner we can really help you achieve a very beautiful formal wedding ceremony.

Yolanda and Arturo have been together for many years and it really was about time for them to tie the knot as the love they have for one another is not only obvious but extraordinarily beautiful!

Yolanda and Arturo I wish you both and your kids all the blessings in the world and my best wishes always!

Beautiful Weather for a Ceremony at Palisades Park in Dana Point

Adee & David M. - 05.09.16Congratulations to Adee Smit & David Matl on their May 9, 2015 wedding at the Dana Point Palisades Gazebo in Dana Point, CA.  After a well-needed day of rain, the weather was perfect for this wedding with a beautiful view of the Pacific.  Everything went as planned for this small but meaningful ceremony. 

A Lovely Ceremony at Hotel Laguna in Laguna Beach

IMG_0073Hotel Laguna in Laguna Beach is an amazing spot to get married at. It is in a beautiful location right next to the beach, we love doing ceremonies here! The newly weds had these nice words to share:

"Hi Alan!!!

John and I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful ceremony! The guests couldn't say enough great things about how fabulous it was (and they especially enjoyed the humor you added to the vows!) We can't wait to see the video.

Thank you again, so much!!! It is a day and a ceremony we will never ever forget, and it wouldn't have been the same without you there!

Gayle & John"

Thank you Gayle and John, and Congratulations!beach IMG_0084 IMG_0085 IMG_0088

A Beautiful Walk-on Ceremony at the Malibu Pier

SAM_1547Woody recently had the pleasure of wedding Clayton and Cristy. The couple came in from Colorado to be married at the Malibu Pier. This location meant a lot to Clayton, as he grew up surfing here.

Is was a simple ceremony with just Woody and the couple, until a surprise visitor came to see what was going on…..a Sea Lion! One doesn't often get celebrities like that, so Woody took an intermission in the ceremony so that Clayton and Cristy could get some photos.SAM_1549

After the ceremony, Clayton mentioned that both of his Parents were buried at sea. Could the Sea Lion have been a representative of Clayton's Parents? Woody likes to think so.SAM_1553

Seven Colors in a Family Sand Ceremony, on the Sand on Westward Beach in Malibu

PointDumeStateBeachI had a very nice wedding this past Saturday evening. The wedding took place on Westward Beach in Malibu, just south of Zuma. The wedding was for a very nice couple by the name of Mark Askey and Chelsea Otero. What made this wedding truly unique however was that this couple had five lovely children present. All of which participated in the bridal party.   

We performed the ceremony and then at the end of the service, we included a special 'unity sand' component for Mark, Chelsea and the five kids. Seven different colors of sand all being blended into a beautiful central container. 

It was really nice seeing this family come together on such a beautiful evening, and I was fortunate to be a part of their special day.

Dr. Michael A. Woods