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Santa Monica beach wedding ceremony celebration for 2 happy brides

Sophie and Savannah and their family and friends trekked out from Arizona to the sandy shores of Santa Monica.

Knowing that they can get legally married here they made their plan several weeks ago however this day same-sex marriage became legal in Arizona.

So it was doubly wonderful for them because when they return home their marriage will be recognized.

At one point in the ceremony a helicopter passed over.
I told them that from this point on every time a helicopter passed over them they should give each other a kiss.

And then as soon as I pronounce them wives 4 helicopters passed over in unison. It was so cool they kept kissing and kissing!



A Wonderful Ceremony on the beach

Alan Katz is at it again! He performs a beautiful wedding on the beach on a sunny October weekend. With a live band, it was the perfect day for a ceremony. Our beach coordinator made a beautiful set up with flowers and archway. With a sand ceremony to top it all off, it was a beautiful wedding. Here is what the lovely couple had to say about it:


Once again, Raul and I would like to say thank you for our gorgeous beach wedding. Everything was perfect. Alan, I really enjoyed the ceremony it had a perfect touch of humor and religion. Beth, the flowers and set was beautiful.


Thank you!


Dennise and Raul



Anthony had a two part wedding weekend

Andrius & Vigita – from Lithuania – drove in from Las Vegas to be married on the beach in California.
Victoria Beach in Laguna to be specific.
An awesome elopement with on the couple, myself and the photog.
High tide was at 4:45 and we planned to start at 5:00. OOPS
The three of us took a couple of big wave hits. Well above the rolled up suit pants line!!!
The three of us stood sunk ankle deep into the sand.
I am sure they will have fun sharing this story!
The are a lovely couple. Damp, but lovely!
Vigitia Andruis AVY 20141002

Friday October 3, 2014: I was invited to be the officiant for Stacey and Joshua's wedding.
Their ceremony was at the Twin Oaks Garden Estate in San Marcos. This is an amazing venue!
A historic school house, and an almost magic garden like atmosphere.

Stacey and Josh were both excited but calm, ready to become husband and wife.
Until, Joshua came down the isle escorting his mother to her seat. After a big hug and kiss on the cheek,
he began to look a bit like a school boy giving his first book report! He could not stand still!

When Stacey came into view, he stopped figgiting and just watched, big tears and smile.
The smiled, the giggled, they chatted a little between themselves. They were completely there with each other, focused, and quite obviously, having the time of their lives. It was an honor to be a part of it.Stacey Joash AVY 20141003

From Texas to California, their love spans all bounds

At last after a long time of waiting Tara and Brandy's special day arrived. These two lovely Texas Rose's came from Arlington Texas to be united in marriage.  A beautiful perfect hot and sunny day at Newport Beach CA. included family and friends from all over Ca and Texas.  The joy was overwhelming as Tara and Brandy exchanged specially prepared vows to one another. It was a pleasure for everyone, as you could see the love and joy in there hearts. Best wishes to Tara and Brandy may they live happily ever after.IMG_6030 IMG_6031

Frank clocks a triple digit wedding

Congratulations to Jenny Nemeth & Victor Anaya on their October 4, 2014 wedding at the Historic Cottage at San Clemente State Beach in San Clemente, CA.  The ceremony went great, the bride and groom were “glowing,” the music was great, the guests were happy (as happy as they could be); comfortable?  Maybe not, as the temperature entered three digits.  The beautiful view of the ocean and the slight breeze helped us to forget the heat!Jennifer & Victor A. - 10.04.14

Blogs for Beach Wedding, brought to you by Beth

  1. Michael marries one of our many September Beach Wedding couples in the water at Santa Monica Beach per the Groom’s Request.  It was such a fun wedding!20140907_120304

  2. On the Bay at  69th Street and Ocean Long Beach was a serene setting for our couple from Arizona. 20140918_152319 20140918_151513

  3. Also Our Great Officiant Beth designed the flowers, officiated and set up  this beautiful  wedding with the help of her beach team!20140918_135343

  4. Hermosa Beach– Hawaiian Style brought another Happy Couple together with Beth and Chief Tama bringing the Aloha Spirt to a beautiful family wedding! 20140920_174501 20140920_165424

Two couples same beach same day Same Love

Today at Little Corona Del mar beach I had the opportunity to Marry two different couples an hour apart.
With a heart dug in the sand and happiness surrounding them they exchange their vows blended some sand and sealed it with a kiss.

We wish the best of happiness to James and Brian and Leilani and Natalie.
I made this cool little video with an iPhone app.




A cool and breezy but sunny day in Malibu

A cool and breezy but sunny day in Malibu on the beach by the Sunset Restaurant was the setting for the wedding of Thia & Chris performed by Rev. Ralph. The bride & groom presented their own personal vows, and a sand ceremony with "genuine Malibu sand" capped a love-filled afternoon.

(see their happy note below)  

Dear Ralph,


Thank you so much for your kind message, and for making our day so very memorable. You performed the perfect ceremony and we will never forget how special it was. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.


Many blessings to you,

Thia & Chris