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Post Cruise Wedding Ceremony Bliss! By Great Officiant A.Mauricio Lubong

Teresa and Jacob

Teresa and Jacob_GP_1

Teresa had plenty to smile about on Friday April 11th. She’d just disembarked from a cruise ship which rested anchor in Mexico, and now here she was, in Long Beach with her “toes in the sand”, ready to marry Jacob, her cruise-mate and fiancé — the man with whom she would share all future travels and dreams.

Teresa_Jacob_GP2The photos illustrate only in small part the love they shared on that beautiful and happy day… so much love that it could barely be contained.  Rev. A. Mauricio was lucky enough to experience some of the overflow.  Ah, ain’t love grand?!


Teresa and Jacob_ED



Officiant Michael is on a Wedding Roll!

Michael1- MM

Matthew and Manuela were married at a walk-on style beach wedding in Marina Del Rey.  This was a beautiful, intimate ceremony with the happy couple and their family.  After we performed their wedding under a palm tree, we went directly to the sidewalk where Matthew broke the glass and the entire family (and a few friendly onlookers) shouted Mazel Tov!

They also sent a quick thank you to Michael:

“Thank you so much! Everything was amazing and you were fantastic!!!

We all had a great time!”



Nate and Marissa found Wilshire Restaurant, in Santa Monica, to have a fantastic outdoor area to be a perfect backdrop for their light-hearted and fun ceremony.  After they exchanged vows and I Do’s, I scurried out of the way for their first kiss which their photographer captured from behind them, facing the audience and through a firepit!


Michael3- MD

Megan and Diana are a couple after my own heart – gamers!  After a lengthy first meeting over coffee where we exchanged tales of electronic victories, I had the privileged to learn all about their life as a couple: from first meeting through proposal and beyond.  Their ceremony remained true to their gamer essence. We performed an originally written Paopu Fruit Ceremony which is from the Kingdom Hearts video game series, their rings were kept in Pokémon balls and their tables were all labeled with classic games.  After their ceremony, which was held at the Mitten Building in Redlands, I retold their love story, they produced an enormous fantasy-style sword which they used to cut the cake.  Rock on ladies!


Michael4- RA

Richard and Aimee’s wedding, held at The 1909 in Topanga, was all about laughter and fun – would you expect anything else from a couple who both brought each other Gummy Bears on their first date?  We performed a beautiful Wine Box and Love Letter ceremony under their Chuppah. After I pronounced them husband and wife, Richard took his heel straight to a glass with an awesome crush and Mazel Tov!  I’m sure the rest of their reception was full of just as much energy, they had an entire candy buffet setup with delectable sugary delights!


Both Officiant Anthony and Whales Make Wedding Memorable!


On Thursday, April 17th, our Great Officiant Anthony had the honor of performing a ceremony for Danielle and John. The wedding was held at the gazebo at Heisler Park in Laguna Beach. It was a very small gathering, with about 15 guests with only the couple standing together.


For a half hour before and all through their ceremony there were three whales, directly off shore, maybe 100 yards from the sand! They spouted, breached, rolled and fluke slapped repeatedly. This was an added bonus to an already great event!