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Monthly Archive: February 2014

Valentine’s Couple Battles Fog for Heartfelt Wedding

Jane, Ron & AVY

Great Officiant Anthony performed a Christian ceremony for Jane and Ron. This couple lives in Atlanta, GA. Due to inclement weather, Jane and their three adult children were literally on the last plane to make it out of Atlanta on Thursday!

The wedding was scheduled for 3:00pm on the beach so we headed down a little beforehand only to be met with fog. This was not just a little fog, this was a LARGE blanket of fog with no ocean in sight.

We formed a plan and the six of us piled into the rental SUV and started zipping around South OC until we found a spot that still had some sunlight on it. We ended up at the Palisades Gazebo in Dana Point. The ceremony was heartfelt and obviously meaningful to both Ron & Jane. Finding the perfect spot was well worth the adventure!

Sunset Wedding in Malibu for Joshua and Nicoletta

Joshua and Nicoletta


This was one of the most beautiful ceremonies that I have performed.  We were right on the beach in Malibu with 150 guests and many people who were going about their day stopped and watched with delight.  The couple had four pairs of friends come up to do readings that were special to them, and I got to tell their fascinating love story that had everyone in tears and laughter at the same time.  Then at the end, after I pronounced them husband and wife, all 150 guests and I walked down to the edge of the water where we threw sea shells back into the ocean with our well-wishes to the couple.


A beautiful day for a couple so in love.