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A perfect beach wedding at sunset in Laguna Beach

Craig and Janet chose to have their wedding ceremony in Laguna beach at the base of 1000 steps beach. The ceremony took place at Sunset and it could not have been a more beautiful day. With a slight breeze blowing through the palm trees above and the waves crashing along the beach. It made for the perfect setting for celebration of love.
With their dog other side and their friends surrounding them they share their vows and love for one another.



A Little Lighthouse Love with Tania and Karla

Great Officiant Octavio sent us this beautiful description of his most recent wedding:

I had the pleasure of talking to Tania several times over the phone to design their ceremony and get to know each other a bit.  Tania, like every couple, was a bit nervous as their wedding date approached.  I told her she had nothing to worry about.  This applies to all of you getting married.  Nerves are something so natural when it comes to getting married.  I always say you should worry if you are not nervous.

IMG_2954This ceremony took place at the beautiful Lighthouse in Long Beach, overlooking the bay. Tania and Karla wore matching red and white outfits, very original!!!  It was cold and a little windy, but as soon as the ceremony started, the temperature warmed up with all the love in the air from the girls and their loved ones who were surrounding us.

Tania & Karla are such sweet girls!  I really enjoyed this experience and wish them all the blessings in the World!!!!

Officiant Anthony Performs Beautiful Beach and Garden Weddings

Lots of Smiles with Farrah and Sean

On October 18th, Farrah and Sean were married at the Laguna Cliff Marriott in Dana Point. Sean had a permanent smile from the moment I arrived and never stopped!

Although he was doing fine on his own, his mother told him “Breath! Deep, in from your nose, out from your mouth!” She even continued telling him as Farrah was coming down the isle!

Her dress was amazing – the processional music had a can-can rhythm, and Farrah kicked as she walked. Her dress moved to the music producing a beautiful flowing effect.

There were lots of smiles and good laughs for the personalized promises: Farrah will go to In-N-Out and Sean will let loose on the dance floor.

The weather was wonderful, and the sunset made for some rockin’ photos!

20131018 Farrah, Sean & AVY














Wonderful Ceremony with a Scottish Touch and Poem – James and Diana

20131013 James, Diana & AVYOn October 13th, I was privileged to be the officiant for James and Diana, whose ceremony took place at the Palisades Gazebo Park in Dana Point.

There was a lovely view of the ocean behind them along with candles, photos of loved ones near by, and a Bagpipe player in full formal Scottish dress to play the processional and recessional.

The ‘normal’ ceremony verbiage was replaced by a poem written by Diana and read by me.

The ring exchange followed the reading and then the kiss!

Untraditional I Do’s at Beautiful Traditional Wedding – Robert and Yvonne

20131012 Robert, Yvonne & AVY

On October 12, I was at the Descanso Gardens in La Canada Flintridge. This is a beautiful place, and a perfect setting for a wedding. The weather was amazing – sunny but not to warm – and just enough breeze without being windy.

The couple, Robert and Yvonne, had a traditional, secular ceremony except for the “I Do’s” which included Robert learning to cook and turn off lights when he leaves a room, and Yvonne learning to drive a standard transmission car and getting up at 4:30 am to watch Formula 1 with Robert. Their guests appreciated the humor with long, loud laughs and even some applause.

Nervous Groom Cracks Up Bride – Chris and Mellisa

20131005 Chris, Mellissa & AVYOn October 5th I was privileged to be the officiant for Chris and Mellisa at the Los Verdes Golf Club.  It was a warm, bright, and lovely day.

The couple are fantastic people!! Light, fun loving, and surrounded with like-minded folks. The groom was one of the most animated nervous I’ve ever seen! He could not stand still nor stop talking! His bride was beautiful and had the most delightful look on her face and in her eyes, except of course when see was laughing at something Chris said!

There were twice as many groomsmen as brides maids. The live music, keyboard, and guitar with an additional singer were great! They included a sand ceremony set up under a hoopa.

Fun Backyard Wedding Over-looking Sunset on the Beach

20130928 Amanda, Chris & AVY

On September 28th, at 5:00 pm, I performed a beautiful event that took place in a back yard over looking the beach from the edge of a cliff at San Clemente’s Riviera District.

The groom’s son was his best man, and the bride’s daughters were her court.

Having not seen each other the entire day, the moment the groom saw his bride in her dress was emotional for them both. Her brother was her escort and gave her away.

They incorporated several things into the ceremony to show their sense of humor. The ceremony was very funny, and the guests loved it!

Sometimes the Ocean is All You Need – Shawn and Leslie20130928 Shawn, Leslie & AVY 2

This fine event was in Oceanside, in the backyard of a house that ends ON THE SAND!

Thirty or so chairs were set up facing the ocean. There was no arch or flowers, but just the big ol’ lovely ocean behind the couple.

Shawn and Leslie had a small wedding party of family. It was a fun, light ceremony – just what the couple asked for.

There were a good number of people on the beach and many took to watching and even clapping when the couple kissed!


Wonderful Surprise at Mike and Mike’s Wedding

Anthony, one of our Great Officiants, commented upon his amazing sunset wedding below:

I had the privileged of officiating the ceremony of Michael Wayne Couch and Michael Grant Bowden! To keep things organized, we used both first and middle names throughout the ceremony.

20131102 Mike, Mike & AVY

While we were down at the St. Regis Monarch Beach for an amazing sunset wedding, Mike and Mike were under the impression that only their three local, California friends were going to attend because Mike and Mike are from and live in Georgia.

Right as we got into place, before anything was said, Michael Grant’s sister and a best friend of theirs walked up to them. The shock, the happiness, and the joy was wonderful! We were completely surprised at them being there, and it was a truly amazing moment.

Mike and Mike have been wearing commitment rings on their right hands for 14 years. November 2 was 17 years EXACTLY to the day they met. As part of their ceremony, they removed their commitment rings, and finally, replaced them with wedding rings.

It was a perfect event!

20131102 Mike & Mike


From Nashville to The California Beach. This loving Couple got Married.

Rev. Sarah is one of our Christian Pastors who runs a Church in Orange County. She is all about love and equality and turns in this blog.

defaultRonala and Theresa had a beautiful wedding in Laguna Beach! They traveled all the way from Nashville, Tennessee to wed here in California so that their love would be legalized!  They were married at the water’s edge in an intimate ceremony –just the two of them, the photographers and me!  The moment the ceremony completed I directed them to watch the last ray of light submerge into the water as the sun set.   It was so beautiful!  If anyone had dreamed of a California wedding –this was the wedding in the dream!  And it was definitely the wedding that Theresa and Ronala had dreamed about!  What a blessing!


Great Officiant Michael in Corona, Temecula, Burbank and on the Beach

One of the newest Great Officiants on the team, Michael Thieling, has performed incredible ceremonies for our couples. Here are a several at some beautiful venues. Don’t miss the beautiful video by Twenty Seven Studios –

Gary and Misty at Trilogy Golf Club in Corona –


For this couple’s sand ceremony, they had a special wooden box crafted and engraved with their names.  Not only was it beautiful for the ceremony, our couples shared that these boxes make beautiful décor for their homes. More so than the traditional glass bottle – allowing them an easier time in displaying the keepsake for years to come.

Hani and Russ at the Europa Village Winery in Temecula –


This couple had rented the entire winery for their celebration – a beautiful, rustic locale where guests could roam around, explore and relax in various nooks and crannies.  We also integrated their son, Jake, into the sand ceremony, utilizing three sand containers which were all combined into the final vessel.

Brian and Susan at Calamigos Equestrian in Burbank –

It was a beautiful day as this couple gave roses to the mother’s and had some of the most heartfelt personal vows Michael has ever heard.

Here is a clip from their ceremony –

Wendy and Angel 9/28/13 Long Beach Beach Location


This wedding, at our Great Officiants Long Beach beach location went off without a hitch, including a full Hawaiian style Lei Exchange Ceremony, that is until our groom dropped his bride’s ring in the sand.  Although it was quickly found, that was a stressful ten minutes of searching!




An Aloha Wedding for Two in Long Beach

After a week on a Carnival cruise to Mexico, Robert and Leisa ended their vacation of love with an Aloha wedding on the beach in Long Beach today with presiding Officiant and beach wedding specialist, Alan Katz.

Adorned with 1gorgeous purple orchids from our florist, their ceremony was intimate and romantic with a heart he made in the sand for them.

Alan provided a complimentary sand ceremony to the couple to give them a meaningful memento from their special day, with sand at the bottom from the beach.



Robert designed their rings from scratch and learned that after meeting the jeweler that they went to high school together! And Leisa’s diamond was her grandmother’s.

May all their dreams and wishes come true from Great Officiants. Cheers to Robert and Leisa!