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Monthly Archive: August 2012

Beth Rocks the Beach!

Last Saturday the joining of 2 hearts as well as two families occurred on the sand in Long Beach. Beth had the pleasure of marrying Misty and Kevin and meeting both families throughout the entire process. I mean the entire process, Beth was the Beach Wedding Coordinator, Florist and Officiant for this wedding. Meeting both the Mothers and the Bride first, coordinating all aspects of the wedding including meeting extended family and friends at the Wedding Rehearsal the night prior. What lovely families Misty and Kevin come from and what a lovely extension of those families they will create. Congratulations to Misty and Kevin and your families!

Photography done by Terri Quinlan

Beach Packages by Great Officiants and Lei of Love





Picture Perfect !! Perfect Couple !!

Roger had a remarkable wedding this last weekend on the shores of Long Beach. This was a couple truly in love and excited to get married!!! So Great Officiants pulled out all the stops !! Not only was Roger officiating, but Beth, a fellow officiant and the official beach wedding coordinator was there to set up, organize and make sure that everything went off without a hitch !! And it did!! It was a beautiful wedding and a beautiful couple !!! Even random people sunbathing on the beach commented on how much fun the wedding was !!