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Monthly Archive: July 2012

Chihuahua dog takes an unexpected wedding swim

This was a first for me.
I met Amy and Michael at the Santa Monica pier. We walked down to the sand and did a loving ceremony with just the 2 of them a friend taking pictures and their mini sized Chihuahua.

After the ceremony I held the dogs leash while they got their pictures takin in the surf. The dog squirms out of the collarr and runs toward the surf and gets enveloped by a wave. The groom rushes over and pulls him out from under the curl.

We and every one surrounding us were freaking out. Thankfully the dog was safe just a bit scared and soaking wet.

It was a wedding to remember.




Will You Marry Me On The Sand? Will You Take My Wedding Band?

This last weekend, Roger married a wonderful couple at the Dockwieler Youth Center in Playa Del Rey !! Right on the sand !! It was a wonderful wedding, but a bit of a challenge for Roger. You see….this couple wanted the wedding vows and wedding pronouncement to be written and spoken as Dr. Seuss rhymes !!!! No problem for Roger !! He not only officiated a beautiful wedding, but with remarkable rhymes too !!

Maybe Roger will start a trend, if he’s asked to rhyme again !!!


Newport Dunes Waterfront Nuptials Saturday

A wonderful wedding conducted by Priscilla!

Amist the summer sounds of fun-in-the-sun at The Dunes, a bubble of love enveloped our bride & groom inside their sand-side gazebo nevertheless!

Family & friends gathered from all across the country to witness the beginning of their married life, in a heart-felt, religious custom ceremony officiated by Great Officiant Pris.

From prayers to well-wishing, a community vow to personal vows, their dog Charlie the ring bearer to a beautiful sand ceremony with the groom’s grown daughter, the spirit of the love, family and God was in the air!


With dancing to a live band as well as s’mores around a bonfire, it just doesn’t get any better than this for your “beach party” wedding!

Want to get married on the beach? We know how!

This awesome couple David and Angie came a couple months ago and met us at the beach to witness one of our beach wedding. After seeing that and meeting with Beth our beach coordinator they were sold.

Shown here is our 30 chair Hawaiian/tropical beach set up.

Beth designed the tropical Aisle runners as well as the overhead on the arch, the brides lei and the grooms maile.

We love performing beach ceremonies and do them all the time, it’s one of our specialties.



Kazoos play the bridal march at this beach wedding

Meagan and Ericka wanted a beach ceremony.

We set it all up for them, obtained the permits and provided their flowers and dug a heart filled with flowers in the sand. .

On the day of the ceremony had not provided any music but as chance would have it someone had a couple of kazoos.

They played the bridal march and the recessional. It was awesome.

This couple was so in love and their families were so supportive as well.

Love wins again!!!!!


Laguna Beach’s Diver’s Cove is the setting for a sunset celebration of the re-birth of love!

Alain & Christel met 18 years ago in France, and took an instant disliking to each other.

So strong was this non-connection, that it took a tremendous shared loss a year and a half ago, to invite an opening in their hearts — to new possibilites — and to each other.

Alan Menken’s beautiful lyrics describe their transformation, perfectly:

“Tale as old as time

True as it can be

Barely even friends

Then somebody bends


Tale as old as time

Tune as old as song

Bittersweet and strange

Finding you can change

Learning you were wrong…”

So last night’s intimate family gathering on the beach with Great Officiant Pris, created a mood of jubliation and loving community as these two took their vows, and solidified a sense of tribe with their four boys.

What a testament to the power of love to heal, surprise, and build bridges where none existed for nearly two decades!