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Monthly Archive: May 2012

Two Beach Weddings, Same Beach, One Hour Apart OH YEAH!

Today was a lucky day for two couples and a lucky day for me. Both couples were staying at the Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort Huntington Beach. Both couples wanted a beach wedding, both from out of the area, one from Sacramento, and the other from the East Coast. But it was their desire to get married on the beach, and as it work out for me, it was on the same day, same beach! The first couple had a joyous Catholic Lite ceremony.



The second couple a nice Christian ceremony. While both couples ceremonies were so different in so many ways, the love they shared for each other, was so obvious, and evident. I love being barefoot in the sand helping couples exchange their vows, that’s what being a great Officiant is all about.

Roger Gets Lei’d by Beth

Great Officiants does many Hawaiian Ceremonies on the Beach. Roger has a traditional Hawaiian Ceremony coming up soon, so our lei maker and fellow Officiant Beth, made Roger a lei to use.

In addition to stringing fresh leis, Beth is also our Beach Wedding Coordinator for Hawaiian and Traditional Beach Ceremonies, Officiant for Great Offficiants, and Florist for her company Lei of Love.

Thank you Beth!