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Monthly Archive: April 2012

Beth and Lisa Take the Beach by Storm!

We recently revamped our Beach Wedding Packages and now have the capability to book a Beach Wedding with a FULL SET UP!

Our packages start at $975.00 for your Officiant to Perform the Wedding Ceremony, Chairs, Staff to Set Up and Tear Down, Beach Permit, and an Arch or Columns. We also have our on site Beach Wedding Expert ,Beth, to provide flowers, additional decor and upgrades if needed!




Beth performed the Hawaiian Ceremony, while Lisa performed the My Favorite Ceremony.







Below are some photos provided by Always Remember Photography (Others are Snap Shots from friends).




The Queen the Don and Oh Maya

Did some Great Wedding Ceremonies this weekend.

Ana and Thomas Got married at the Awesome Hotel Maya in Long Beach. It was a celebration of love and laughter. It started late because one of their Parents were late, so I went out and entertained the crowd while they waited for it to begin. I was the warm act act. LOL.

Randy and Linda got married at Don the Beachcomber in Sunset Beach. I did a modified Hawaiian ceremony for them. What a beautiful tropical place to get married.


Kari and Ulf booked a huge suite on the Queen Mary Ship (my recomendation) and with just some close family they exchanged vows in their candle lit room.

We have a special “Wed and Bed” package set with them. Call us for the special code.