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Monthly Archive: March 2012

Rainy day at the Laguna Beach Gazebo


They came from Vegas to have a ceremony at our Sunny Southern California Beaches but instead the had a bit of rain and a slight change of plans.

Laurie and Diana ended up nearing me at the Gazebo behind Las Brisas in Laguna. Luckily no one was using it and there was a break in the storm.

Nothing could stop their love story. With a friend and photographer with them they exchanged their vows above the crashing waves.




Couple dances on the beach after their Wedding

Jennifer and her new Beau came out from North Dakota with family and friends to get married on Laguna Beach. They brought some friends that played some live music on the beach before and after the ceremony. It was an awesome ceremony filled with love and laughter. At one point we got hit by a jumbo wave and the 3 of us got soaked to the mid calf. We laughed it off and finishes the ceremony. After they danced to the musicians tunes on the beach and exchanged a ton of kisses.